2014 Dining Room Trends and What to Expect

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2014 dining room trends will be about making the dining room a special place to sit down with friends and family and have a good time, a great meal and foster a feeling of wonderful bonhomie. A dining room is a special place anyway; it is where the best friendships are fostered over home cooked elaborate spreads, where conversation develops over steaming platters of food and where recipes are exchanged as well as life’s stories. Therefore, it is a room in the house which must be given extreme importance to, to ensure that it is done up in the best possible manner. There are many trends and concepts which will show up in 2014, given that the concepts and elements of home décor are constantly evolving and changing. For instance, the age old concept of light and neutral colors for dining room walls will be relegated to the back burner and they will be replaced with bright and vibrant hues. Traditional notions of dining room color said that bright shades like red and blue or even green are not very conducive to a dining room paint scheme because they spoil the appetite of the diner. However, with 2014 dining room trends, this notion is thrown right out of the window.

What to watch out for in 2014 dining room trends

2014 dining room trends will reinvent the way the dining room looks and will ensure that the space is bright and happy. Continuing the discussion with regard to the wall colors, dining room trends will dictate that feature walls, ceiling colors, color blocking combinations et al will be a large part of dining room décor. Colors like red, blue, green, purple, pink and other such bright shades will be favored and these will be used in glorious combinations with other colors. If your dining room is small and you do not want to make it look crowded, instead you would want the whole room to look bright with color, choose dining room paint trends like red wall and pair it with cream walls to make a statement. Red, blue, purple and green can be effectively used in the right way so that it will not crowd the room or negatively affect the appetite of the diners! Adding pops of bright color will infuse the room with warmth. Color can be added to the dining room in a different way as well – by investing in brightly colored and quirky shaped crockery, bright table runners, window curtains and valances and such like. Dining room colors 2013 started the trend of bright colors and 2014 will only serve to continue and heighten it.

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What furniture to consider for 2014 dining room trends

When it comes to furniture for 2014 dining room trends, the focus will be on small and compact, storage friendly yet elegant and ecofriendly furniture. If the dining room is small ten the furniture will be all the more exquisitely wrought so as to ensure that the dining room in question looks appealing and inviting and very cozy. Dining tables are no longer twelve-seater since families are more nuclear and therefore a compact and oval or round dining table would do just fine. Hardwoods will continue to be the favorite option where material for furniture is concerned, after all what comes close to beautiful and gleaming natural hard wood like teak or oak when it comes to classy furniture? However, bamboo, cane and rattan are also being used for dining furniture and this trend will only intensify when it comes to 2014 dining room trends for the dining room. Minimalist wrought iron and low wooden blocks for tables will also be a hot trend in the coming years as the emphasis on space optimizing.

8 Photos of the 2014 Dining Room Trends and What to Expect

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