2014 Home Decorating Color Trends

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2014 home decorating color trends is all about making the house bright and vibrant.Usually, traditional concepts of home decorating color trends dictates that the rooms in the house be painted with cream and subtle shades such like white or beige. While these colors are fine if you want to stick to the safe mode while decorating, it would not hurt to add a bit of spunk to your home decor. Recent color trends have shown a popularity in bright colors and more and more home makers and interior designers are incorporating extremely bright shades into their home decor. Now, colors such as bright green, bright red, fuchsia pink, teal blue and any other bright shade you can think of, including neons, are well appreciated as popular home design colors. In fact bright colors have quite taken over the day when it comes to home decor. These colors are being splashed over the walls, in bright and bold contrasts and they are even reaching as high as the ceiling!  It is believed that bright pop hues will dictate room color trends for 2014 as it did in the previous year. This is not to say that subtle shades are out – peaches and pastels will be definitely chosen, but brighter colors will rule the roost where  2014 home decorating color trends are concerned.

What colors are popular in 2014 home decorating color trends?

2014 home decorating color trends are all about bright colors like orange, neon green, bright yellow and such like. They were never used in the past to decorate room walls because it was believed that they were too bright and too gaudy to appeal to aesthetic tastes but are now being used in innovative manners to brighten up a room instantly. For example, one does not have to use the neon shade on all four walls – three can be painted in soothing pastel shades and the fourth can have accents of neon along with pastels – a large rectangle of neon brightening up the wall, for instance. In an otherwise neutral space, such a wall will serve as a nice bright accent.  Accent walls and feature walls are a big trend is 2014 too – as they were in 2013. Different combinations like apple red and bright emerald green, orange and purple, yellow and purple are also being considered for the 2014 color trends.

moroccan dining room trend

What is new about 2014 home decorating color trends?

An interesting shade has made its way into the realm of 2014 home decorating color trends. This color is grey – and its sister shade of black. Black and grey were unheard of as colors for the interior of houses, however they are being used now. Grey and red, black and red, black and fuchsia – there are many combinations this color is used in, and what is even more fabulous is that it is being used to color the ceiling. Grey ceilings, believe it or not are actually beautiful and elegant and do not make the room look smaller, as it would be popularly thought. No, in fact grey or black ceilings – or chocolate brown, if you are feeling adventurous – will actually make the ceiling look higher and give the room a sense of space, especially if you choose the colors of the walls carefully. There is so much you can do with the 2014 home interior trends. There is a lot of scope to personalize your home, for one, because you can use wall art, wall decals and wall quotes for this purpose. you can even have hand painted tiles adorning your walls, in the kitchen especially. Look up inspiration for 2014 home decorating color trends and you will not be disappointed!

13 Photos of the 2014 Home Decorating Color Trends

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