Get Acquainted with 2014 Interior Design Trends!

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2014 interior design trends will be about making the home look chic and elegant, without compromising on the practical aspect of it. Home décor will be all about vibrant interiors and making the rooms, no matter how big or small, look extremely appealing and cozy. Lighting will also be different, with emphasis placed on where the lights are fixed and more focus given to the fixture and the way it looks. Upholstery of all the furniture will be about making the furniture look even more grand and rich than it is and the furniture themselves will be made of eco-friendly and light weight material with an emphasis on storage space inside them. This way you will be able to decorate your home in a functional and beautiful manner without compromising on either aspect. 2014 interior design trends are going to be extremely necessary when it comes to remodeling or home décor because you want to be up to date with all the changes in concept and styles so that your home does not look outdated!

Color tends in 2014 interior design trends

Where 2014 interior design trends are concerned the emphasis will be all about color. Color on the walls, on the upholstery, on the curtains, the ceilings, on rugs on the floor – all aspects of the room where color can be incorporated will be considered and brightened. Conventional notions of color for the home will be relegated to the wings so that they can be occasionally called upon when they are required to offset a bright shade or contrast with another color. However the emphasis will be on bright and vibrant shades such as red, green, blue, purple – primary colors and bright secondary colors. Feature walls in bright shades, ceiling art ad textured paint, wall tiles and wall decals, brightly color blocked curtains, abstract print upholstery, monochrome rugs or carpets to offset the brightly colored room accessories – these will be the focal points of all the design trends of the forth coming year and color trends 2014 home interiors will be the best part about interior design trends.

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Other elements of 2014 interior design trends

2014 interior design trends are all about making the home functional as well as beautiful so while there is no dearth of any attention on the beautification; practicality also looms large in the designs. For example, the emphasis is on storage friendly furniture – choose furniture that is so low lying so that the space in the room is not compromised and further, ensure that it has space within it to store linen and other necessities. For example, have a divan which can open up into a linen box when you can store extra cushion covers etc. Box beds are another great option which is popular no matter if it is in contemporary terms or traditional concepts. Poster beds and any bulky furniture items will not be very popular. Poufs and seating arrangements on the floor will also be another feature of low lying and minimalist rooms in 2014. 2014 home decor trends will be about lighting up the room in a manner that enhances the beauty of the room as well with low lighting, ceiling embedded lights and floor lamps being a prominent feature. The best part about this is that no matter how small the room, strategically placed lighting will make it look large and comforting. White lights will be overlooked in favor of warm yellow light. Ceiling design will also be a very big thing in home décor trends for 2014 as will be wall mounted home accessories. Curtains and window treatments will also receive more focus than the earlier years and given more attention in the 2014 interior design trends.

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