4 car garage house plans

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4 car garage house plans need not be elaborate or even difficult to chalk out, if you have a very clear vision of what exactly you want as per your home plans. Home plans must be made with careful measurements and given a very professional once over before being implemented because building a house if obviously a very large investment and you want the plans to be fool proof. If you are someone who has a basic knowledge of building and would like it if you had a say in your plans then you can participate in the process of making the house plans yourself, given that you can sit with your architect and work on the plans together. You can even chalk out a rough idea of what exactly you want in your house plans and once that is done, you can hand over the ideas to the architect who can take over and tell you if everything you want is possible or feasible. Remember that house plans should be made taking into consideration the future, you might be building a house as a nuclear family of two but you would have to consider that the future might hold many family members and subsequent possessions. There will also come a time when the number of family members will dwindle and you will be left with a largely empty home. If you have factored in four garages into your home plans ensure that you either intend to have four cars throughout your life or you have plans for turning the space into something else. 4 car garage house plans need to take all this into consideration.

How to make the perfect 4 car garage house plans

When you are thinking of making out 4 car garage house plans you will first have to measure the amount of space you have to ensure that you have adequate land area to build a house that will accommodate four garages. Your house plan must definitely take into consideration the amount of land available for building. Then, you will have to plan how much of the land you can keep aside for the garage and how much you will use for the house itself. The house is an important consideration because depending on the family you have you will need a large or a small house. And if you are thinking of having four cars and therefore four garages, it is obvious that you are thinking of a large house as well, with enough family members to make use of that garage space. Therefore the land must be equally divided into garage and home space before the plans can be implemented. House plans must be carefully laid out with garage space, garden space, house space etc. clearly demarcated to avoid any kind of confusion during building or overlapping of boundaries.

4 Car Garage House Plans Black

What to factor in 4 car garage house plans

4 garage house plans not only have to take into consideration the size of the house that is being built but also the cars that are going to go into the garage. This of course depends on the kind of cars that the family is interested in and are likely to buy. The size of the cars can definitely define the size of the garages and one can then figure out how much space to allot to the house. If the family is partial to smaller and sleeker cars then the space for the four garages need not be too much but if the members of the family like their cars large and hefty – like say – SUVs, then one will have to consider the space that will be involved with 4 car garage house plans.

21 Photos of the 4 car garage house plans

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