Important Arabian Home Decor for Arabic Home Interiors

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Arabian home decor, with its vibrant colors and homely yet elegant beauty will immediately help to liven up the way any room looks. Of course the bedroom and the living room will benefit the best out of this style of decor and thus  it would be a wise idea to have a look at catalogs and online sites to get a fair idea of how to go about it. Arabian style decor, as we all know, is all about earthy colors so this will give the interior decorator an idea of just what colors to use for the paint schemes of the room. Warm and yellow lighting, by using beautiful low lamps which can also be used as pedestal ones, hung from the ceiling or floor lamps will enhance the beauty of it all. Arabian decor also incorporates a lot of low lying furniture which ensures that the home looks cozy and inviting and larger too, given that the space is optimized to its fullest. Though you can always choose the more simpler elements of Arabian decor, you can of course be more partial to the typical lush and ornate style that most Arab homes prefer. You cannot go wrong with this style of décor, definitely, especially if you like exotic décor. However, do not opt for Arabian home decor if your house is decorated largely in the modern and contemporary style as this will be a contradiction and look rather strange overall.

What color palettes are the best for Arabian home decor?

As discussed earlier, color palettes for Arabian home decor will include warm and earthy colors like red, brown, orange, yellow and other shades of these colors. Green and blue as well as magenta are also used, but sparingly and as accents so that they do not dictate the color tone. Other colors that are popular will include cinnamon, wheat, gold, beige, taupe, aubergine, salmon, rust etc. The best way to do up a room in the Arabian style of room decor is to have warm neutrals colors on three walls and then to use a brighter color like a rust red or a flaming orange on one wall so that that becomes the feature or the accent wall of the room which draws all focus to it. A feature wall is a very interesting concept of home decor and this can be well incorporated into the Arabian style as well. Be sure to use pretty and textured paint to give the effect of rustic earthen walls and use warm and yellow lighting to ensure that the beauty of the room is further enhanced. If your house is done up in neutral hues like cream and white and you do not want to change the color scheme at once, then choose these colors for your upholstery. Arabesque wall decor is a beautiful and arty addition to the room – especially if it’s the living room or the bedroom.

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What kind of furniture suits Arabian home decor?

Arabian home decor is all about being low lying and it is fairly easy to do this. You simply have to source futons and low lying mattress beds, low sofas, low tables, stools, bean bags and poufs and then upholster them using the appropriate fabric. Once the furniture is low down on the ground, you will see how effective the storage space is. Usually, it is the Arabian custom to have furniture which has storage space inside it as well which makes them effective and useful items of investment. Arabian inspired furniture has a lot of wooden filigree work as well, so that can be another aspect of the Arabic decor.

9 Photos of the Important Arabian Home Decor for Arabic Home Interiors

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