Decorate the Bath with Art Deco Bathroom Accessories

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Art Deco bathroom accessories are an elegant and sophisticated addition to the home. Art deco, is a chic Parisian style and concept of design and architecture that began early in the 1920s. This design is popular in the interior décor of homes, hotels and residencies because it combines elements of luxury, kitsch, elegance as well as practical functionality. Art deco is characterized by bold geometric lines and strong and bright colors. Therefore if you do up your bathroom in the art deco style you can be assured of a beautiful and vibrant look. Your bathroom will become a luxurious and yet stylish haven where you will find peace to have a relaxing bath in, once the day is done. The bathroom is usually overlooked when the question of home décor arises because the other rooms are given more focus over the functional and practical room that is the bathroom. However, that is a negative attitude and one that is detrimental to the overall decor of the home. Imagine having a beautifully done up home and a sparse bathroom! Art deco will really liven up the way the bathroom looks and you can buy Art Deco bathroom accessories at budget prices.

What are the key elements of Art Deco bathroom accessories?

Monochrome is a very popular color scheme of art deco style. You can intersperse this with other colors for an accent that is bright and colorful. Art deco styles can be loud and garish as well. For example, have a bright red water closet or a commode, or even a sink. Have an Art Deco inspired mirror over the wash basin. The machinery that was available at that time, made it possible for artisans to create interesting bits of furniture. Therefore you can buy a wash basin cum cabinet which has mirrored accents and is structured in an interesting manner. Embellished bathroom furniture – it steel, chrome and bronze that was polished to a high degree served as a very luxurious addition to bathrooms. They looked dramatic and chic and even futuristic in certain aspects and therefore this style of bathroom and home decor I a popular element in contemporary homes that favor the modern style of decor. For example, polished steel Art Deco bathroom fixtures make the bathroom look extremely elegant – and their quirky design elements infuse a sense of chic style into the room.

1930 Art Deco Bathroom

Where to buy Art Deco bathroom accessories?

Online stores would be the best places to buy Art Deco bathroom accessories. It is important that you do a thorough research of available options before going ahead and buying anything because there are a number of styles, patterns and designs that are available, not to mention budgets and costs. You can do a comparison of the prices of various items of bathroom furniture before buying and needless to say the more quirky and real the piece, the higher the price will be. However, it is a well known fact that Art Deco furniture is not as expensive as it is perceived to be. There are budget options for everyone. If you have a bathroom which has a bit of space, the best option would be to invest in one of the many Art Deco style bathroom accessories that are so very popular. Vanities with mirror elements, steel or chrome embellishments are extremely beautiful and will improve the overall look of the bathroom in a dramatic and legendary manner. Vanities are useful elements to have in the bathroom aside from Art Deco style bathroom accessories, given that they incorporate the wash basin, mirror and storage facility all in one and they are a wholesome storage unit.


9 Photos of the Decorate the Bath with Art Deco Bathroom Accessories

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