How to Create an Art Deco Bathroom Design

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Art Deco bathroom design is a favorite when it comes to home decor because of its kitschy and quirky appeal. Art decor is a style of design and architecture that emerged in Paris in the early 1920s and found popularity and mass appeal because of its simple and clean cut lines as well as creative and interesting look. Furniture and accessories that are designed in this manner are practical in their structure, though elegant and chic at the same time. These functional items of furniture, bathroom furniture or any other room furniture are characterized by the bold geometric lines Art Deco is so popular for, and bright and bold colors. Art deco furniture is also structured in an unconventional manner which makes it a conversation piece- no matter what room it is placed in. Once you do up your bathroom in the Art Deco style you can be assured of a bright and vibrant personal space that adds color to your life and improves the general aspect of your home. The bathroom usually, is left out when it comes to serious home décor, and is organized into a neat and functional room, but that is where the design and décor usually stops. That is not the right attitude to adopt when t comes to room design because all the rooms in the house should be given adequate attention when it comes to interior decor. Art Deco bathroom designs are a way to rectify this.

How does one create Art Deco bathroom design?

Infusing your bathroom furniture with a lot of color is one way of creating Art Deco bathroom design. Bright colors, quirky structures and embellishments in steel, chrome and other metal are key elements of Art Deco design and you can incorporate them with flair and élan into your bathroom furniture. You do not have to do much or go into great expense, all you need to do is to simply make a few changes to your bathroom along the lines of the Art Deco concept. For example, install a bright, teal blue commode, and watch how that immediately lights up your bathroom space. Get an Art Deco mirror installed which is quite unlike usual square, rectangle or oval mirrors. A wash basin in a bright color will add a lively touch to a bathroom that is predominantly done up in neutrals. A bathroom vanity with a mirrored front or with steel embellishments will be a very popular Art Deco inspired piece of furniture – and so on and so forth. Check online home décor catalogs to see what exactly Art Deco furniture is all about and look for inspiration from Deco walls bathroom pictures for your own home there.

Art Deco Bathroom Decor

Art Deco bathroom design is inexpensive

As mentioned before, Art Deco bathroom design does not have to be expensive at all. Apart from installing single pieces of bathroom furniture and accessories in the Art Deco style, it is also a good idea to have Art Deco bathroom tiles in kitschy designs and colors in your bathroom. You can go online for Art Deco bathroom furniture where you will be able to avail of great discounts and deals. Once there, you can browse through different sites and their catalogs, compare prices and then arrive at the best deal that suits your home and your budget. Art deco furniture is also about a certain kind of elegance and appeal and is an acquired taste as such so if your home is done up in a different style it might not appeal to you. You can either make your Art Deco furniture or you can buy authentic Art Deco bathroom décor and furniture from thrift stores, auctions and antique stores.


10 Photos of the How to Create an Art Deco Bathroom Design

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