Important Elements In Art Deco Rooms Style

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Art deco rooms style is definitely different, experimental, out of the box and unique. These are the reasons why this style of room décor is so popular with home makers and interior decorators alike. Doing up the rooms in your home in the manner of the Art Deco style ensures that your home stands out as different and unique. What is more, the Art Deco style is easy to implement and all it requires is a bit of creativity and thought. Before we go into discussing this style specifically for rooms, let us have a look at what Art Deco is and what it entails. Art Deco emerged as a design and architecture style sometime in between the time period of the 1920s to the 1930s. This style was made popular by the use of bold outlines in its structure, bright colors, kitschy décor for its furniture and accessories and geometric, not to mention zigzag forms of style. This new and avant garde style of décor and design used material that was not generally incorporated into home décor such as plastic, chrome, steel etc. as embellishments. There were also nature motifs like sunrise, flowers, shells etc. and more modern interpretation of Art Deco rooms style involve the use of angles and exaggerated curves.

Some key elements of Art Deco rooms style

The best way to describe Art Deco rooms style is whimsical. One can use any material, any design and any pattern and throw them all together to create an Art Deco inspired room. This is why, to decorate a room in this manner, all you would have to do is to ensure that you are a bit creative and you look online for inspiration. Without a doubt, you can too do up your rooms in this style, just by exercising some creativity and making your rooms a little colorful. For example, for a living room, you can have a cream colored sofa set which is offset by bright purple and yellow cushions. Over the sofa set you can choose to have a sunburst mirror – which means that the mirror is neither rectangular, oval nor square  but has different rays of glass edges which makes it look like the sun. A zebra striped mat or rug on the floor and a quirkily shaped table with metal legs would complete the look of the room. There you have it – you inspired and self created Art Deco living room.

Art Deco Room Decor

How to decorate Art Deco rooms style

The best part about Art Deco rooms style is that one can combine many different styles to create one unique style that is modern and retro at the same time and this combination gives a sleek and elegant finish to the room. However, there are some key points to keep in mind so that you do not go wrong with this style of décor. One, make sure that you do not use florals or any other traditional concept of home décor design in an Art Deco room. Florals have no space in an Art Deco set up. For the flooring, for example, choose boldly contrasted black and white tiles. Then, you can also choose a rug or a carpet in such a color combination, or you can choose one with bold geometric designs. Animal skin pattern rugs are a huge hit with this style form as well. Where lighting is concerned, go for chrome fixtures or glass ones. Choose furniture with mirror, glass, chrome or steel embellishments. Heavy black lacquering is also a trademark look of Art Deco rooms style. Accessorize by adding shell shaped mirrors behind a bed head or over a living room sofa. Upholster your furniture in leather and add a wall clock with a sun rise motif on a pillar for a conversational effect.

8 Photos of the Important Elements In Art Deco Rooms Style

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