Art for Your Home with Tiffany Lamp

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Art for your home with Tiffany lamp is a fabulous way to introduce elegance and sophistication which is understated and beautiful. Tiffany’s is a well-known name when it comes to jewelry – thanks to the iconic film Breakfast At Tiffany’s – who can forget the beautiful Audrey Hepburn resplendent in diamonds, a little black dress and a long cigarette holder? However, it would be prudent to do a bit of research on Tiffany products as Louis Comfort Tiffany, monarch of the Tiffany Empire, is also credited with the creation of the most exquisite lamps that can be bought to adorn the home. The first Tiffany lamp was made way back in the 1800s – 1895 to be precise and their unique selling point was that they were made individually, by hand, by skilled craftsmen. There were no machines used and only painstaking labor went on to make the most beautiful lamps ever which were also one of a kind – no two lamps were ever the same. Therefore, owning a Tiffany lamp was a status symbol, one which did not come cheap. Recently, it has been discovered or claimed that the first Tiffany lamp was actually made by one Clara Driscoll, and not Louis Comfort Tiffany, and she was said to be the master designer for most of the lamps. Louis Comfort Tiffany had a better marketing strategy perhaps and the lamps are now known worldwide as Tiffany lamps and they are greatly sought after. There are seven kinds of Tiffany lamps – so when you are picking out art for your home with Tiffany lamp, you will need to choose from them.

Know the history before you choose Art for your home with Tiffany lamp

Art for your home with Tiffany lamp not only makes your home elegant, but it has a historical value which cannot be overlooked. As mentioned earlier, there are seven kinds of designs where these lamps are concerned; irregular upper border, irregular lower border, Favrile, Geometric, flowered cone, flowered globe and transition to flowers. As evident, there is a very pagan, floral theme that is all pervading and these lamps are characterized by leaves, flowers and beautiful stained glass work.  In fact, the irregular borders of certain designs are meant to recreate the edges of shrubs or trees and give that effect – which is further enhanced by the beautiful foliage depicted on the lamp. Butterflies, dragonflies, spiders with their webs, flowers like daffodils, peacocks et al are popular motifs to be used on these lamps as well. All these lamps are also made using a single method – the copper foil method, which is another characteristic of Tiffany lamps. Original Tiffany lamps are obviously very difficult to source, and once you do find one, be sure to take it to a professional who will be able to tell the original from the many fakes that pervade the market.

Tiffany Lampen

Art for your home with Tiffany lamp – how to tell if it is original

You might be willing to spend a pretty penny for art for your home with Tiffany lamp but there are many others who are willing to buy a fake for one tenth the price. Therefore when you do lay eyes on what you are told is an original Tiffany lamp, ensure that you can check to see if it is fake or not. A genuine Tiffany lamp is worth a small fortune, obviously, so there are many people who try to sell fake ones – very well made fake lamps – as the real deal.  For one, check the base – all original Tiffany lamps will have a bronze base, no other material was used. The quality of the glass is also an indicator, as are the light sockets and how well the lamp has aged. All original Tiffany lamps also bear an authentic stamp of the manufacturer – Tiffany Studios New York. Remember that the jewelry store had a different stamp. Check old tiffany lamps for these factors before buying.


22 Photos of the Art for Your Home with Tiffany Lamp

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