Awesome Architecture for Your Home

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Do you want to come up with the awesome architecture for your home, but have no clues what to do? Well, I have several ideas for you to apply. Indeed, it is not going to be a straightforward job for most of you to use this kind of awesome architecture for your home simply because most of them are amazing architecture of the buildings all around the world. At least, you will be able to see how these stunning buildings really are unique. So, are you ready to be amazed with these mesmerizing buildings so you can apply their architecture design around your house at this very time? Let’s take a look at these pictures.

Popular awesome architecture for your home

On the top of the list, we have the St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, Russia. Was commissioned by Ivan the Terrible, this building had the function as a monument to celebrate his victory over the Khanate of Kazan. The cathedral with traditional Russian, geometric design is made out of the stone and brick and finished with stucco. Next, there is Monticello that is designed by Thomas Jefferson for his personal residence in the area of Charlottesville, VA. The house is stunning with its Colonial Georgian style and made out of the brick and stone complemented by columns as well as arches, not to mention a beautiful domed roof. Next, we have the Basilique du Sacre Coeur in Paris, France that is designed by architect Paul Abadie who beat out more than 77 others for the honor of designing. The amazing building is made out of the Romano-Byzantine style, which is quite unique. Then, there is The J. Paul Getty Museum nestled on in the hills of L.A, Los Angeles, California. A modernist building that has clean, sharp lines complimented with a grid pattern around the curves and surprises to keep it interesting. What’s next?

Architectural Details Wall Carving

Are you looking for another awesome architecture for your home to apply in the house? Stick around on the next post!

20 Photos of the Awesome Architecture for Your Home

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