Tips on How to Create a Bali Style Home Interior Design

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Bali style home interior design is an extremely popular theme of urban home decor and this is because this concept of home design chooses to optimize the space available in the room without crowding it and ensures that the furniture that is used is lightweight and eco-friendly. With the constant war that is being waged by pollution against the ozone layer, it would be a good idea to invest in such themes and concepts that support the protection of the climate and environment. If you want to bring the fresh and tropical feel of the sunny and sandy climate of Bali without having to budge an inch from within the confines of your home in the city you could consider choosing Bali style home interior design. The freshness of Bali is a wonderful thing and now it is within reach to us poor city dwellers who have to battle the concrete jungle everyday. However, since there is hope it would not do to moan about our lot!

What to keep in mind for Bali style home interior design

Bali style home interior design is all about pretty and elegant design as well as those concepts which incorporate the natural elements and are eco friendly. This means that the decor and the furnishing of your Bali style rooms will naturally be budget friendly and extremely simple in its decor. If you are the kind who prefers loud styles of home decor that is full of large furniture then this concept is not for you. Bali style of home decor is cheap, elegant and beautiful. For example, a common feature of a Balinese home is to have batik printed material is a ones top shop for everything in the house. Batik prints are used to clothe sofa sets and chairs, they are used as mats, as well as framed and put up on walls to act as wall hangings. Pretty batik and tribal designs will make your home look even more exotic. Cheerful elephants are also a great way to do up your home in the Balinese style of decor. Check out some Bali interior design photos for more inspiration if you are at a loss for what to do.

Bali Home Design

What else is Bali style home interior design all about?

Other than being delicate and elegant, Bali style home interior design is all about encompassing open spaces into the confines of the room. this sort of design hates closed in rooms and therefore a lot of wall to wall windows, french windows, open balconies and other such motifs figure in the design aspect of the rooms. The furniture is almost always low lying and they are made of bamboo or cane or rattan – eco friendlty materials, all of them. The prevalent motif of the elephant will find favor in furniture designs as well and they will be in every nook and cranny of the home. Choose woven materials for accessories and furniture for an authentic Bali home design  – a woven chair, a woven matting, woven furniture like chairs or stools etc are all a beautiful part of this style of home decor. The Balinese people worship the Buddha and his teachings and endeavor to convey them through the home decor concepts. Therefore there is a lot of emphasis on silence and non clutter which is why their Bali style home interior design is especially all about being simple and lightweight. This furniture is also very cheap which makes it easier to maintain and this style of home interior is cheap and easy on your pocket and helps you to get a themed home interior without much effort!

9 Photos of the Tips on How to Create a Bali Style Home Interior Design

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