How to Create Beautiful Balinese Bathrooms in Your Home

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As a decor option for the bathrooms in your house, Balinese bathrooms are a special and really beautiful choice as far as bathroom decor goes. The Balinese theme is fast becoming popular because of the clean lines it employs, the lightweight furniture and the classic and elegant look it gives to any bathroom.  Since a bathroom is a very personal space, it is important that it is done up in the best possible way so that it turns into a personal spa and haven for you.  However, it is an unfortunate notion that since bathrooms are for practical use only, they should not be decorated and thus while bathrooms are well organized and neat, they are hardly ever decorated in the true sense of the word. However with new avenues in home decor, it has been seen that the bathrooms are getting the attention they deserve and thus are being done up in themes and pretty accessories. Balinese bathrooms are clean, well organized, with lightweight furniture that is natural and eco friendly and thus have plenty of space to become a popular motif in bathroom decor.

What to look for in a Balinese bathrooms

Balinese bathrooms have a charm and an elegance about them that is completely different and extremely exotic. What comes to mind when you think about Bali – fresh sea air, the golden yellow sands, sea gulls, beautiful and lush greenery and such like images spring to mind. Therefore, when the option of bringing that beauty to your home in the confines of the concrete jungle comes up, you should avail of that opportunity. Be inspired by the natural beauty that abounds in Bali and infuse your bathroom decor with it. This style will not only make sure that the space is utilized in the best possible way, because the design style is low lying and space enhancing, it will also make the room look larger. Balinese decor is all about being minimalist so you can be assured that even the smallest of bathrooms will benefit from it. The designs are all erelated to nature and the elephant plays a very large role in the motifs – and is found almost in every piece of furniture in some form. Woven furniture is also popular and therefore you have woven bathroom accessories sets, woven wicker baskets to keep your towels in and so on and so forth.  Balinese bathrooms also have large clear windows so that the space is enhanced further and the use of bamboo, cane and rattan is rampant. Create a beautiful bathroom with Balinese design ideas.

Bali Stone Bathroom

Sourcing furniture for Balinese bathrooms

Balinese bathrooms are a thing of beauty and the beautiful part about this is that the furniture is readily available or easily made.  Since the material is eco friendly and light weight, it is possible for one to get beautiful Balinese bathroom shower rods, rattan shower curtains, bamboo bath mats, woven bamboo vanity for the bathroom with a granite top etc. made from scratch. Online stores are the best option when it comes to buying furniture for the house and even the bathroom because this will ensure that you get brilliant deals and discounts. You can also get various bathroom accessories and furniture in the Balinese style if you go to stores which specialise in Balinese furniture. A Balinese shower is a thing of beauty and you could consider getting one installed. It will involve a rain shower head which will spray wter in beautiful and bountiful amounts all over the cubicle and you. The rods will all be made of specially varnished bamboo and you can have a rattan shower curtain to accessorize Balinese bathrooms.

8 Photos of the How to Create Beautiful Balinese Bathrooms in Your Home

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