Pros and Cons of Bamboo Bathroom Furniture

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Bamboo bathroom furniture is a viable option because not only is it lightweight, beautiful and elegant, but is is an eco friendly and viable option when it comes to durable furniture for the bathroom. The bathroom needs furniture that is able to withstand heat and humidity and it is a place where the furniture is constantly being exposed to water, moisture, heat and humidity and is therefore prone to developing fungus and decay.

Therefore when buying furniture for the bathroom we must consider those options which are durable and look elegant and are functional to boot. Bamboo fits the bill in many ways. There are many reasons why bamboo is the ideal material to opt for when we are talking furniture  – for one, bamboo can be grown easily and quickly. Wood is harvested from trees which take many years to grow and therefore as far as the environment friendly option, bamboo ranks higher than wood. Not only that, bamboo plants produce a high yield and therefore a lot of furniture can be produced from a single harvest. This is a highly versatile material as well and many objects of furniture can be made from it. Bamboo bathroom furniture especially, is a great idea for the reasons already mentioned before.

bamboo bathroom furniture

The advantages of bamboo bathroom furniture

The biggest advantage of bamboo bathroom furniture is that it is resistant to rot and decay and does not allow the formation of fungus, even after being kept in humid conditions day in and day out. The popularity of bamboo furniture is owing to the fact that it creates employment opportunities in the poorly developed Asian countries it is predominantly grown in, it is better for the air as it absorbs a higher percent of carbon dioxide and gives off more oxygen for the environment and is also  harvested in a better manner, as discussed earlier.

Bamboo is a very light material and looks beautiful when used as furniture. Bamboo, cane, rattan can be all used to make bathroom furniture – which means that you can make bamboo baskets to keep your wash cloths and towels in. You can have bamboo soap dispensers, trays, mats, and even shower curtains. Bamboo furniture is easily available as well and these can be customised as per need. A bamboo bathroom shelf is a handy construction as well, which will help keep your daily items organized.

Types of bamboo bathroom furniture

Bath mats and soap dispenser kits notwithstanding, bamboo bathroom furniture has many options. For example, you can construct an entire vanity cum dresser out of bamboo. Fit this with a granite countertop or a marble one and you have a chic item of bamboo furniture ready for use. You can also have a bathroom cabinet or shelf to store your items of use on and given that this is a bad conductor of heat, bamboo pieces of furniture are the best option when it comes to the bathroom. One can easily use polish to color the bamboo bathroom furniture to their liking and some people even leave the natural tint of the material alone so that it looks authentic.

Bringing in bamboo furniture into the bathroom like a bamboo bathroom cabinet or a bamboo vanity cabinet immediately brings in an element of exotic places like Bali or other beach side places which utilize the space and also make the bathroom look larger than it is. Bamboo bathroom sets are easily available at online stores and they are rather cheap as well when it comes to the pocket. So there you have bamboo bathroom furniture which is beautiful to look at, cheap on the pocket, eco friendly as well as easily available – what more can you want!

9 Photos of the Pros and Cons of Bamboo Bathroom Furniture

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