Designs of Small Bars for Home

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Investing in bars for home is a very good idea because it is a very chic way to organize your home in a neat and methodical manner. Most homes have dedicated bars which are quaintly and elegantly organized. They are done up in the most aesthetic of manners and adds great value to the room. The concept of having bars in the room as a part of home décor continues to evolve where design is concerned because more and more people are realizing how unattractive the house looks with numerous bottles strewn around. It would make far more sense to have a beautifully decorated bar in one corner of the living room with crystal decanters, glasses and all other accoutrements in place. There are many options when it comes to building bars for home and all you would have to do is go online and have a look at pictures which show you what to do.

DIY bars for home are easy to set up

All you really need to do to set up bars for home by yourself is a wooden unit which you can then refurbish according to your liking. For example, if you have a wooden shelf then all you really need to do is to add accompaniments to it like glass shelves, brass knobs, etc. choose shelves depending on the size of your bottles and have a number of them in the unit so that you can arrange your bottle neatly without crowding them. Ideally, a bar should be in the home room, where you can also have a television unit, a pool table, a hi-fi music system and such like. Before starting on building your home bar it would be a good idea to take measurements of the area you want your bar to be at. Work out the space that you will need – whether there will be a bar fridge or whether you will have just shelves for the bottles, you can make a small bar for home. Maximize corners in the house by making corner bars for homes. Decide the height of the bar as well. Also buy a solid base for the bar like bolted ply wood or a chip board. A mini bar for home is not difficult to organize and build, if you know how and have basic skills and knowledge regarding wood work.

Wooden Bars for Home

More ideas for bars for home

If you want to ensure your do not overspend on bars for home all you need to do is scout for cheap bars for home and think about making the bar at home, as discussed earlier. Online stores are a great place for looking for ready made bars which you can choose according to design and pattern. You can look for a bar which is themed and which does not resemble a bar unless you open it up. For example, a long pyramid shaped bar can easily pass off as a hat stand or a accessory rack till you look inside it – this would be a handy way to hide the fact that you have a bar at home in case you have disapproving relatives. Also, online stores are very useful where discounts and bargain deals are concerned. You can also look for stand alone bars  a thrift stores or bargain stores where you will have the benefit of restructuring and reshaping the unit to suit you. if you do not have a very large room for a big bar then think about getting a mini bar for home. These will fit right into a corner or on the side of a cabinet and there will be absolutely no problem when it comes to space issues. Along with a mini bar you can consider a wine rack for a classy way to store your wine when looking up designs for bars for home.

9 Photos of the Designs of Small Bars for Home

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