Basement Makeovers Ideas

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Basement makeovers ideas are numerous if you do your research with clarity and precision once you have decided you want to transform the basement and make it into another room. What many people do, is that they leave the basement out of the general overview of the house – it is not considered to be a room as such, merely a space which is used for storage, and where the pipes and electric mains of the house are. However, the basement can be so much more. All you will have to do is to remove all the clutter that is in it, and you will be able to see how you can use the basement as a separate room for the house. This will not only add value to your house it will also ensure that you have more space in your home for your family. A basement can be transformed into a myriad number of things, depending on what exactly you want to do with it and how much you are willing to spend on it. If you think about it, the basement is exactly like a wide open canvas that you can use to your heart’s content to create something new and fantastic. Look up beautiful and inspiring basement makeovers ideas if you want great inspiration.

Where to look for basement makeovers ideas

This one is easy. Looking for effective basement makeovers ideas? Well all you have to do is go online really. There are a thousand different tutorials and various pictorial guidelines that you can follow which will eventually help you change your basement from being dowdy and unappealing to a room which is glamorous and chic by all standards.  You do not have to spend a lot of money in this effort. All you will need to do is to be crafty about choosing material and you can save a lot of money by simply doing up your basement yourself. A DIY project will keep you and the family well occupied for most of the weekends yes, but you will have saved yourself a lot of money in the process and the sense of achievement when you enjoy the new space you have created is unparalleled. You can easily decorate the basement by clearing it up, repairing any damage it might have suffered over the years, install shelves to place your belongings on and then lay out a shag pile rug, dump some bean bags on the floor, set up a television on the wall and your basement can double as a den, a family room and an entertainment room for friends or guests. A basement makeover need not be very expensive!

Beautiful Basement Makeovers Ideas

More basement makeovers ideas

Basement makeovers ideas can include setting up a basement room to be an extra bedroom or a room for the nanny or even a guest room. In that case please do check the plumbing, the wiring and the ventilation situation of the basement before going ahead. Ventilation especially is extremely important if you want the room to be habitable. Basements are notorious for suffering from damp spots and cold spots because of the water table that’s always right below them and therefore any repair work would have to be done in this regard to ensure the comfort of the room. This is especially to be kept in mind when it comes to old basement makeovers. Cut out more space for windows, and make sure there is enough air circulation in the room. Install a suspended ceiling with recessed lighting and choose to make the basement a breezy and elegant room instead of a stuffy and dingy one.


12 Photos of the Basement Makeovers Ideas

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