Bathroom Shower Curtain

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If you want to instantly improve the way your bathroom looks, a snazzy bathroom shower curtain is the way to go. A bathroom is usually a neglected space when it comes to décor. People believe it to be a place or a room that is used for only practical purposes and hence, such a utilitarian room need not be decorated to such an extent. However, this attitude definitely needs to go because a bathroom can be transformed into a space that is appealing and pleasant – and it becomes a personal space for one to relax in and feel the stress of the day melt away. Sure, a bathroom is a practical room however if it is done up well then it not only adds value to the overall interior décor but it becomes a pleasant space as well. A quick and easy way to do this is to accessorize your bathroom with various items like a pretty shower curtain, a washbasin vanity, a themed backsplash for the tub or the washbasin and so on and so forth. Bathroom makeovers need not be very expensive, all you need to do is to change little things around the room and give it a fresh coat of paint perhaps. This will make all the difference. A bathroom shower curtain is perhaps the easiest and cheapest way to add a bit of color and elegance to a bathroom.

Why is a bathroom shower curtain necessary?

A bathroom shower curtain is a very practical item to have in the bathroom – there are many people who go into the trouble of making a shower cubicle but leave out the curtain which completely nullifies the whole point of a cubicle. What does a shower curtain do? It acts as a barrier between the shower stall and the rest of the bathroom so that the water from the shower does not splash all over the floor. You simply have to pull the shower curtain around the stall before bathing and it will contain the water splatter to just that area which makes the bathroom a safer place as well – there is no chance of slipping on wet tiles – an all too common occurrence where bathroom falls are concerned. You can also use the curtain for privacy, there are many couples for instance, you use the bathroom simultaneously – you can shower while your better half brushes or goes about her business in the early morning rush to get ready for work. Look up bathroom shower curtains and accessories.

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Tips for bathroom shower curtain

A bathroom shower curtain should be chosen with care – and you can choose from a wide variety of styles, patterns, themes and even materials. A shower curtain in the bathroom is not only about practicality, if you want the bathroom to look pretty then you can choose a fabric or a soft vinyl curtain in a pleasing shade to make the bathroom look elegant. Florals are very in if you want elegance and a traditional or rustic vibe, crazy patterns for the uber cool fashionista will do and minimalist style for the ultra-modern household is what suits it best. You can go for translucent curtains, transparent ones, self-embossed ones, and even those which are color-blocked or one color. A vibrantly colored shower curtain will really set the mood of the bathroom. Go online to look for such curtains and choose a material that is long lasting and one that is not susceptible to wear and tear. Once you have decided on it, you can even customize it according to the size of your bathroom and shower stall. Choose a themed shower curtain – like sports, cartoons, butterflies, goth etc…there is no dearth of designer shower curtains available.



20 Photos of the Bathroom Shower Curtain

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