Bathroom Vanity with Mirror: What Are the Benefits?

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A bathroom vanity with mirror is always a good investment for any home, whether large or small. A vanity is a very chic addition as well, to any bathroom and that apart, it has to be said that it is a fabulous way to store your bathroom items and necessities in one place. Bathroom vanities are essentially one stop storage units which look incredibly elegant and sophisticated. If you have a large bathroom you can go all out and have a large vanity with a double wash basin counter top and a towering mirror. If your bathroom is small then you might want to consider a vanity that is more suited to the space, however, try and not compromise on the mirror because not only does it add quality to the vanity but it also adds majesty to the bathroom that is practical and useful. A bathroom vanity was a favorite item of use in Victorian and similar times and it has now resurfaced as a popular item of bathroom furniture owing to its exquisite looks. A bathroom vanity with mirror is not very expensive and you can even buy an old one and refurbish it to suit your tastes. They can be made as well, if you are a handy carpenter.

Why you should buy a bathroom vanity with mirror

Many a time, buying a bathroom vanity with mirror might seem like an unnecessary expense, however, a mirror is crucial to the bathroom and therefore your vanity should have one. For practical purposes, it makes life a lot simpler when you have to wash your face, when men have to shave, or when you have to straighten your hair or do your makeup in the morning before you have to leave for work. The best part about a vanity is that it has drawers where you can store all necessary materials and items for the morning’s ablutions. The granite, ceramic or marble countertop can store any extra lotions or bottle of perfume and your wash basin is embedded in this for an easier wash. Most vanities also have place for a wicker basket in the middle so that you can throw your dirty laundry and towels into it post a bath or a wash. You do not want the hassle of getting ready in the bathroom and then running to and fro from the bedroom to the bathroom while checking your face or how you have done your make up and others in the morning rush. Besides a mirror is a glamorous addition to the bathroom as well – choose a showroom bathroom vanity with mirrors for extra effect, with the light bulbs all around the mirror to boost looks!

Bathroom Vanity Mirrors with Lights

Tips to look for when you buy bathroom vanity with mirror

When you buy a bathroom vanity with mirror you must consider certain elements. For example, is it a traditional or a contemporary design you are looking for? Do you want to buy one in wrought iron or in wood? If you want to buy one in wood then it is important that you choose hard wood like teak, oak, pine or mahogany which will last longer than other woods and not chip or rot. Natural hard woods have a very interesting and naturally occurring chemical which prevents any fungus formation. Check to see you are not buying wood veneers or ply instead of wood. Choose vanities according to the size of your bathroom – the mirror too cannot be too large if your space is small. Another aspect to look out for is the paint – you can choose white paint for a contemporary vanity with mirrors. Bathroom vanity with mirror and lights are another wonderful purchase especially if the bathroom belongs to a woman who loves her makeup.

9 Photos of the Bathroom Vanity with Mirror: What Are the Benefits?

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