Beautiful Basement Decorating Ideas

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Basement decorating ideas might come to you all of a sudden, one day, when you go down to park another carton of useless goods in your basement. When it does come to you, do not push away the thought with a half hearted laugh, there is a lot that can be done with a basement and if you go ahead with your plan of remodeling and renovating a basement then you only add value to your home and make it even better. There are so many things that one can do with a basement. For one, many people leave the basement out of the purview of home deco – it is merely a room that is left with absolutely no glamour and used to store items of the home and the house which have too much sentimental value to throw away. However, this is the undoing of the family – if you can bring yourself to make a careful and concerted effort to throw away, donate or sell the unwanted items you store in your basement you will see how that makes enough space for an extra room. Those folks who have wizened up to the fact that the basement can be transformed and used as a second room will be happy to know that the basement can double up as a space to be used in a variety of ways, not merely one or two. Look up the internet for effective basement decorating ideas and you will be surprised at the treasure trove of inspiration you will find.

Creative basement decorating ideas

What basement decorating ideas appeal to you will depend on what exactly you want to do with your basement.  As mentioned, there are many things you can do with it. Should you want to turn your basement into another room for the house, if you have many children and not enough rooms for them, you can make the basement into a play room for the kids. A family room, a game room, a work space, a dance studio – the opportunities are endless. The first thing that you would need to do of course is to make sure your basement does not need any repair before you go ahead with making your changes. Basements are tricky that way, they most certainly will need to be carefully perused to see that they have not been damaged irrevocably by the water table that lies just beneath them. Being in the very foundation of the house has its disadvantages – a water table is sure to cause damp spots, leaks and cracks which are undesirable if you are planning to use the basement as a full time room on a daily basis. Low-budget basement decorating ideas need to factor in the cost of repair before actual cosmetic décor.

Basement Decorating Ideas by Synergy Design & Construction

Tips to remember while looking for basement decorating ideas

Basement decorating ideas should ideally start being implemented after you have decided on what exactly it is you want to do with the basement and have done the necessary repair. Then you can begin to control the kind of cost that you will incur on making the basement pretty. For example, should you want to install a bar in the basement, the décor can include mood lighting etc. A room for band practice or dance practice might need soundproof walls and hence you will need to install Styrofoam ceiling tiles, perhaps a suspended ceiling with special acoustic tiles etc. You can even think about being elaborate and make a swimming pool in your basement – so that you are able to enjoy your own private time – and add a sauna and steam shower cubicle while you are at it.  Decorating your basement in this case would cost a pretty penny.

10 Photos of the Beautiful Basement Decorating Ideas

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