Beautiful Drawing Rooms India and Decorating Tips

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If you want to introduce an exotic element into your home, think about beautiful drawing rooms India designs for your living room. The Indian subcontinent has had a major influence over all cultures of the globe where home decor, cuisine and fashion is concerned. It is now considered fashionable to go eat an Indian curry meal, no matter how hot it might be or how spicy, the Balti Chicken is a rage all over the globe and butter naan has replaced the humble bun in many homes! Fashion has incorporated many Indian nuances such as the sari, the ghaghra choli and there are many motifs borrowed from Indian fashion that finds their place on the ramp in the most chic of runways and fashion shows. Where home decor is concerned also, there are a number of motifs and patterns as well as designs for furniture, upholstery and curtains, not to to mention light fixtures etc. that are borrowed from Indian concepts of interior design and once incorporated into your living room will instantly serve to improve the look and make it seem extremely exotic. So if you are looking for a different method of doing up your living room, beautiful drawing rooms India patterns is the way to go.

Elements of beautiful drawing rooms India

The elements of beautiful drawing rooms India are essentially very simple and hence easy to replicate. However, that does not mean the effect is simplistic. A drawing room that is done up in the Indian style will reflect the traditions of the subcontinent, and depending on what you choose as your decor style – whether traditional or modern – it will surely make beautiful living rooms- or drawing room look different and unique. For example, say you have a small room which is done up largely in white – upholstery and curtain wise. You can introduce certain elements of Indian decor into this by choosing a peacock themed wall decal. Peacocks stitched or embroidered onto a cushion would look lovely as would a peacock motif on a lamp. Elephants, tigers and monkeys are also popular motifs from India which you could incorporate into your decor. When it comes to colors choose a warm color palette for the walls, like orange, burnt copper, rust, red, yellow etc. Throw in some blue as well of course because blue and green are also colors that India loves. And Indian themed room is a beautiful and appealing room to be in!

Indian Room Decor

Tips for decorating beautiful drawing rooms India

Beautiful drawing rooms India are all about low seating, plenty of cushions or “gaddas” as they call it in the subcontinent, bright mirror work embroidered on the upholstery, peacock motifs, other Oriental motifs, marigolds and jasmine in vases, and beautiful earth tones for the color palette. Firstly, let’s discuss the term drawing room – that is an example of the colonial hang over that India suffers from, the British call the living room a drawing room and hence most Indians refer to the seating room as that. A drawing room is always slightly overtly done up where an Indian theme is concerned so do not be afraid to go over the top a little bit. Choose heavy carved wood for the low slung seating arrangements, large floor cushions, a pouf or two to sit on and large and heavy curtains for the windows. Mosaic patterned lamps and oodles of traditional Indian motifs or ancient India drawings will make your living room shine with exotica. You can also incorporate some plants into the decor to get the typical tropical setting of an Indian-themed living room; there will never be a dull moment when you are entertaining!

8 Photos of the Beautiful Drawing Rooms India and Decorating Tips

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