Bedroom Decor Ideas 2014: What’s Trendy and What’s Not?

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Bedroom decor ideas 2014 will be all about making the bedroom a beautiful and charming place to be in, not merely a room to rest and sleep in. A bedroom is an expression of the self, it is the only room in the house that is a personal room and therefore can be decorated in the way that you yourself would want, without having to consider another person’s likes and dislikes. It is a room that is a personal haven, a place to go to when you are weary of the world, a place to give vent to the joy or hatred in your heart and a place to simply go and let sleep take over your restless mind. The best part about a bedroom is that it does not conform to any set pattern or design so it will be easier to give vent to creative and personal expressions. In the coming year, the emphasis will be on bright colors, beautiful accessories, and elegant but practical furniture and eco-friendly additions. Judging from trends that are already in place, the bedroom decor ideas 2014 will surely take the home decor space by storm.

Bedroom decor ideas 2014 to consider

The most revolutionary of bedroom decor ideas 2014 will most definitely be the color scheme of the walls. Paint colors of the New Year will be focusing on experimenting with bright and bold colors and will make sure that the rooms are lively and extremely beautiful. You can take advantage of this when looking for sexy bedroom decor ideas. Traditional notions of color stuck to beige, brown, cream, white and pastels and made sure that the walls were a neutral and safe color. This was understandable as a notion given that the logic was that these walls would be easier to accessorize and match the rest of the upholstery with. However since the concepts of what works in interior decor has undergone a sea of change, bright and bold paint colors are now part and parcel of every home and they are instrumental in lighting up the way the room looks. even bright colors like purple, dark blue and dark shades of red that were considered to be an anathema to rooms because they made the mood of the room more aggressive and thus affected the emotional behavior of the people in it, are now being touted as the colors to choose and therefore bedroom decorating ideas 2014 they will only gain more popularity than ever. Those who are a bit afraid of being too experimental with 2014 decorating colors will be able to choose bright colors for one wall as the feature wall and accent wall concept will have gained momentum as the year progresses.

Vintage Bedroom Decor Ideas

Bedroom decor ideas 2014 tips

Where bedroom decor ideas 2014 are concerned, there are a number of tips to keep in mind. After you have decided on what paint suits your personality best – be it fuchsia, bright violet, romantic red etc, you can easily choose the upholstery and window treatments accordingly. The concept of contrasting upholstery with the wall paint will adhere even in the coming year of 2014 simply because it makes most sense. If everything is brightly colored with no contrast the room will look too loud and will jar the senses. In 2014 the emphasis will be on furniture that is storage friendly and practical but elegant at the same time. He storage friendly concept can be taken advantage in teen bedroom decor ideas. Mattress beds with large floor cushions and plenty of throw pillows will be in vogue and the beds that are chosen for bedrooms in 2014 will all be low lying and with plenty of storage space in them. The lights will all be made from eco-friendly rice paper or with cane structures and the wall decals and accessories will help lighten up the room further. Basically, bedroom decor ideas 2014 focus on colors, function and eco-friendly materials!


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