Bedroom Decorating for Your Teenage Girl

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Bedroom decorating for your teenage girl is not a very simple affair. In fact, it is quite the opposite because teenagers can be mercurial when it comes to their likes and dislikes, especially the girls. One minute they might be a fan of bright pink, the next they might hate it and label it a cliché. Another time they might be a fan of a certain effeminate musician, another time they might be only partial to classic rock – it is very difficult to tell if their hobbies or passions will remain the same for a very long period of time. Hence, when decorating a room for a young teenage girl, it would be a wise idea to have a general theme that can be tweaked according to the young lady’s whims. Decorating a girl’s room is fun – there are so many different designs to choose from, so many motifs of wall decals etc. that it can be a very exciting affair, especially if the girl in question is part of the project. Take her counsel for everything that you do in the room because if not, you will be held responsible for anything if it goes wrong!  Bedroom decorating for your teenage girl can be easy as well – just go online and have a look at all the various pictures of room décor available.

Tips for bedroom decorating for your teenage girl

Bedroom decorating for your teenage girl needs to be all about color, accessories, furniture and knick-knacks. So first up, if you are thinking about making a room different and decorative then think about new paint to the walls. A room can really be uplifted in the way it is looking by simply changing the way the walls are – choose the color depending on the size of the room. The best paint colors for a girl’s room is clearly pastel shades of pink, violet, magenta, lavender and such like. If you want to add bright color pops to the room then all you need to do is to paint four walls white and one wall a bright color like a red. This will make that wall a feature wall for the room and therefore it becomes a grand, dashing place to be in for a girl. Girls also prefer a lot of lace and frills and thus you can think about incorporating these motifs into the décor. wall decals, pretty wall stencils and wall art are a great addition to any bedroom belonging to a girl and what is more, they can be easily taken off the walls and replaced with something more current when required.  Bedroom accessories for teenage girls are widely found online and at local stores so purchasing them will not be an issue.

Teenage Bedroom Designs

Furniture choices for bedroom decorating for your teenage girl

When bedroom decorating for your teenage girl you will have to take into account what furniture you will buy as well. The type of furniture, the style and the theme of the furniture is perhaps the most important accessory there is for a girl’s bedroom. If the teenager is the kind to like cutesy and girly type of furniture then pieces which are tiny and painted in white are a very good idea. They will add to the size of the room and make it seem larger. If the teenager is in her late teens then you can think about Victorian inspired furniture along with queen sized four poster beds et al. Put up posters of the fan girl favorites – this is a very common method of decorating teenage girl bedroom walls– these are easily taken off when the fan girl phase goes away. Pretty curtains also make up a very important part of the décor.


16 Photos of the Bedroom Decorating for Your Teenage Girl

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