Bedroom Decorating Ideas 2014 Best Colors to Use

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Bedroom decorating ideas 2014 are going to be full of life, vibrant and extremely experimental. Traditional notions of bedroom décor dictates that bedrooms should be peacefully done up in a staid and subtle manner so that decorating and redecorating when required would not be hampered in anyway. Neutral colors reigned as popular shades –cream, white, light brown, light yellow, pastels etc. were favored as chosen colors however in 2014 that is going to change as bedroom decor will become brighter and bolder with more emphasis on colors as well as elegant yet chic furniture. Everything large and bulky will be taken out of the room, the space will be optimized to its hilt and the room will be made to pop with the colors that are chosen. The emphasis will be on furniture that is lightweight and eco-friendly. Materials like bamboo, cane or rattan will be more popular. Window treatments, light fixtures and all kinds of essential components of the rooms will be turned around on their heads with bedroom decorating ideas 2014.

What does one need to remember with bedroom decorating ideas 2014

Bedroom decorating ideas 2014 will be about turning or transforming the existing space that is in the room into a veritable home spa. The bedroom will be a personal space that resents the intrusion of any kind of privacy and the decoration and the home interior concepts will mirror this form of thinking. Once this has been established great pains will go into making the bedroom into one’s personal haven so that the space becomes a private space for one going into the room after a very long and tiring day at work. As mentioned, the bedroom will no longer be done up in neutral shades and the focus and emphasis will be on brighter shades that will make the room glow with a kind of vibrancy that will make the energy of the room sparkle. Say for example, you can have a room that is painted in soothing shades of cream mixed with sparkling shades of blue or red. These make for good small room decorating ideas.  That would definitely be a very good way to ensure that the room becomes a place that is inviting and appealing.

Small Bedrooms Decorating Ideas

Bedroom decorating ideas 2014 tips

After you have settled with the bedroom decorating ideas 2014 where paint schemes are concerned, one has to keep in mind that the furniture and the window treatments as well as the upholstery need to be in sync with the rest of the room. Choose bright florals or crazy color combinations, innovative wall art, wall stencils, designs and other aspects of décor and accessories like textured paint. The furniture should be extremely space friendly and thus low lying furniture with beautiful storage space already inside them would be of a big help. Mattress furniture will be a big deal where bedrooms are concerned given that it can double up as a bed as well as a seating arrangement for when friends come over. Plenty of throw pillows, and floor cushions will make the entire space look very vibrant and warm. Window treatments are also going to be very elaborate when it comes to room décor in the coming year and the emphasis will be on beautiful material such as self embossed lace and also on valances in different styles and designs. It would be a worthwhile idea to check out the different design ideas online before starting on the decorating small bedrooms and redecoration of your room so that you can ensure that your home and its room stand out in stark relief! Make sure to watch out for bedroom decorating ideas 2014 to give your room an update!


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