Bedroom Ideas For Couples

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When considering bedroom ideas for couples, there is no two ways about it – romance should be top most on the list of elements to incorporate into the décor. Right from the paint, to the furniture, to the accessories and the light fixtures, the emphasis must be on romance and on filling the room with the vibe of love. There are so many beautiful elements that can be incorporated into a bedroom for couples. A bedroom is a very private space to begin with. It is a space which should be treated as a private haven and should be done up in pleasing and elegant tones. The mood for the bedroom should be subtle and chic and it can of course be very appealing to the senses. There are so many things to keep in mind when the bedroom is being decorated for a couple- whether they are a newly married one, partners, old couple etc. – the paint, the accessories, the furnishing etc. must all be in sync with the likes and dislikes of the couple inhabiting the bedroom given that it is their personal room. Bedroom ideas for couples must be, above all else, intensely personal and beautiful.

Paint colors for bedroom ideas for couples

When considering bedroom ideas for couples, the color of the walls of the bedroom must be extremely well thought out, given that it must be done up in subtle and elegant shades, so that the beauty of the bedroom and the romantic vibes that are brought into it by the accessories are well accentuated. Paint schemes for the bedroom usually will have an emphasis on reds, pinks and other shades. If you are a couple who is fond of the aesthetic and sensual kind of décor then bright and loud colors is not for you. Focus on light shades of pink and red, baby pink, rose red, apple red and so on and so forth instead of the more arresting fire truck red or vermilion. Of course, a feature wall in a bright and bold shade of red will not be amiss in a couple’s bedroom either, given that it would inject a necessary amount of passion into the room. This is especially a good idea for a newly wed and young couple who would be keen to experiment with colors and design ideas. For the new couples, bright pink, orange, violet and lavender are also good ideas for the walls. Wall decals, wall art and stencils in the clichéd romantic patterns are also a beautiful option. Bedroom decorating ideas are many and you have to choose what suits you best.

Bedroom Colors

Furniture and accessories for bedroom ideas for couples

When thinking of romantic bedroom ideas for couples the bed must be the center piece of the room, the focal point. This should be the most romantic of all the furniture in the room for obvious reasons. Choose a four poster if your bedroom is big enough, replete with canopies, curtains in lace and an ornate headboard. If you want a more contemporary and modern look a very simple four poster is also a good idea with straight laced posts and a canopy above. For a smaller bedroom choose a king sized bed which can be done up in a quilted cover, soft mattress and with numerous soft throw pillows. The headboard can be mirrored or quilted and it can also have space to keep books and such like. A vanity dresser drawer which is big enough to hold daily items of use of the couples, a large wall cabinet or an armoire with enough space for clothes of the both the persons involved is a great idea as well. Look up modern bedroom ideas for couples for more inspiration.

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