Best Computer Chairs for Your Back

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Choosing the best computer chairs for your back is a very important and crucial process because depending on what kind of chair you choose, you could be doing your back a big favor or you could be setting yourself up for a lifetime of back pain. Computers are a part and parcel of our lives now – there is no escaping them. Since they are so crucial for our work and personal lives, we spend a large chunk of our time hunched over laptops or slouched over a personal computer for long hours. If the chair we are sitting on does not have a very good support for the back, or the seat is not made of quality material then back pain will soon become an irreversible feature in our lives. Ergonomic chairs are thus, widely popular for this reason. Not only do they provide the best kind of comfort, but they also make sure that the body is aligned correctly at all times. Of course, it is up to you to sit up straight so that your spine is not stressed or bent out of shape – even in an ergonomically designed chair! The best computer chairs for your back are the kind which offer support all along the back and therefore have a headrest. The seats are hard and firm, so that your rear doesn’t sink into them, and you have armrests so that you can align your arms at the perfect angle while you type.

How to choose the best computer chairs for your back

There are certain key guidelines that one must follow when researching the best computer chairs for your back. For one, the chair should be according to the height of the individual.  If you want a chair that is an exact fit, you have to get one customized of course, but generally, working on the measurements of the average heights of men and women is fine. There are many chairs that can be adjusted as well so check to see how far or low the chair can be adjusted to suit you. For example, if your legs hang off the edge of the chair and your feet hang even inches above the ground, then eventually, you will feel lower back pain because your body will be constantly straining to maintain a balance. Next, you have to see if the chair in question has a sloped back, or a straight one. A sloped back might be a very comfortable option but it can ruin your backbone. The spine will be constantly curved in such a case and it will be very painful later on in life – however, a straight backed chair will force you to sit up and work, and not slouch.  Next, you will have to take into account elbow measurements, thigh measurements, calf and lower back measurements of the chair – this is the chair company will educate you about. A good computer chair will let you work in comfort but will not allow you to slouch or relax.

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How to know if you have chosen the best computer chairs for your back

Wondering if you have chosen the best computer chairs for your back? Well there is a simple way to find out if you have – close your eyes and sit up straight in the chair, facing your computer. Now open your eyes slowly – your gaze should be directly in the middle of the computer screen. If you are looking either lower or higher than that then your chair adjustments are wrong and you should get it changed.  Check online for the best computer chairs for posture and you might have to shell out a pretty penny, but the investment is worth it.


20 Photos of the Best Computer Chairs for Your Back

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