Best Way to Clean Laminate Floors

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If you are wondering what the best way to clean laminate floors is, you only have to log onto the internet to get a vast and fabulous range of extremely good advice on how to go about it.  Floors can really add to the glamour quotient of a room.  Think about it – if a floor is chipped or dull, the room looks that much shabbier. However, if you have a floor that is brightly and well-polished you can be assured that no matter how threadbare the décor of the room is, it will look appealing. Laminate floors are very popular with modern houses because they are cheaper than the real wood floors, they are lightweight and can be easily kept clean and bright with a little bit of effort and not too much expense. If you take care of your laminate floors with a little bit of finesse, be sure that you will be left with beautiful floors that do add to the elegance of the room. However, do not be careless with laminate floors – if you do get them installed in your home then be sure to look up keywords such as best way to clean laminate floors online for exact information on the topic.

Tips on the best way to clean laminate floors

Before we talk about the best way to clean laminate floors, let us discuss preventative measures that will ensure that the laminate floors do not need too much cleaning in the first place. Laminate floors might be a cheap option to say, marble ones, but that does not mean you should neglect them in the first place.  Keep these things in mind when you have laminate floors – never let water spills sit on them. Which means, if water or any other liquid spills on it, wipe it up immediately. Laminate floors need to be well maintained and protected from spills and scratches because they might warp or lose their shine easily.  Also, if you use very harsh cleaners for the surface of a laminate floor then you might end up damaging it. Laminate floors scratch very easily and once scratched the surface gradually loses its shine and you will have to replace it, which is an unnecessary extra cost. Even when you are choosing a laminate floor cleaner make sure you are investing in a proper one else the floor might get damaged.

Clean Laminate Floors Home

What is the best way to clean laminate floors?

Daily cleaning is the best way to clean laminate floors – use a dust mop or a soft power vacuum cleaner to constantly scour the surface for dirt and grime. Avoid using brushes with stiff bristles on the floor because they might end up scratching the floor and making unsightly marks on it. Laminate floors usually have grooves in them and therefore it would be a good idea to sweep in the direction that the floors were laid so that the dirt in between the grooves can be taken out easily. Use barely damp mops soaked in hot water and wrung out carefully for a better clean and also use laminate safe cleaning agents along with it for a better shine.  Dry the floor with another soft and dry mop so that the liquid from the damp mop does not have the time to damage the floor in the least. Vinegar is also a wonderful cleaning agent though you should spray the vinegar solution on small parts of the floor while mopping and not the entire floor in one go.  The best way to clean laminate is to be very gentle with the whole process.


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