Black Interior Doors

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Wondering why anyone would opt for black interior doors? Well, only because they seem to be a hot trend right now in interior décor and vastly popular with the majority of the youthful and modern couples that seem determined to add a twist to their home décor. Painting a door is a smart move – and painting a door an unusual color – a smarter one. Think about it. One does not ever peruse paint cards with zeal and gusto when it comes to paint for the doors right? Paint cards, brochures, family etc. are consulted when it comes to choosing colors for the walls, the doors and even the windows are an after-thought almost. However, when the door is chosen to be painted it greatly adds to the overall décor and it acts as a focal point of conversation n the room almost, given that it is an unusual way to decorate the home. Since art is the only way to make something that is common look extraordinary, a black door with different art on it will be a fabulous choice indeed. Painting a door black also adds value to the rest of the décor and the paint in the house. For example, if you have a home that is predominantly done up in creams and whites then a black door would be a fabulous way to instantly spruce up the way it looks. Black interior doors are quite an arty and elegant addition to a room.

Why choose black interior doors

Black interior doors are a very elegant idea. Black, as a color, is a very rich and sophisticated hue and should not be relegated to the wings of interior décor just because of negative associations. Indeed, in many cultures black is not given any importance as a color because it is considered to be negative and a bad omen. However think about how we use black in so many other ways – indeed, it is supposed to be a color that is excellent at making shapely figures look even more shapely! Black doors make a statement and look very cool and if you want to give your room a different kind of dimension then this si what you should consider instead of the mousy greys and browns.  In fact if you are not careful, brown can be a very ugly color for a door indeed. When you paint the interior doors of your room black be sure to contrast it with another lighter color in its immediate surrounding – like paint the frame of the door white, or if there is a wall right next to it, those should be painted cream or in pastels. Painting interior doors black has its advantages for sure where looks are concerned.

Black Interior Doors And Glass Door

How to make black interior doors work

Black interior doors will look really great if you have a standard door which you want to revamp. You can even do it yourself, all you will need to do is strip the door of the existing paint, sandpaper it and then paint it black. If you are painting the exterior door black make sure you use weatherproof paint so that the sunshine does not fade the color out. Interior doors are easier to maintain, obviously. Painting the doors yourself is a very budget friendly thing to do as well, given that you can easily paint a door with one gallon of paint and have quite a lot left over. The only problem with a black door is that it can get grimy easily – finger prints etc. will show up easily on black doors so make sure to give it a wipe down regularly.



22 Photos of the Black Interior Doors

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