Canopy Bedrooms Design Ideas

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Canopy bedrooms design ideas are a great way to make your bedroom look chic, elegant, beautiful and romantic. Indeed, if you are lucky enough to purchase or possess a canopy bed, then you can be assured of the fact that your bedroom will be infused with a kind of oriental charm that is unparalleled. Canopies for beds were derived for a very practical purpose – from these canopies, were hung long yards of cloth or net – either to keep out the prying eyes of the servant class who stood alert while their masters slept, or to keep out the mosquitoes and other insects in tropical and hot countries. Yes, the canopy bed was first built as a very practical item of furniture but in this day and age is has gained a lot of popularity as a luxury item which can be very impractical! Let’s face it, we do not need menservants any more to stand guard while we sleep and to keep away mosquitoes there are plenty and very space effective machines that do great work! However, the charm of a canopy bed is quite compelling and this can probably explain why canopy bedrooms design ideas are so very widely searched on the internet.

Different canopy bedrooms design ideas to make your room lovely

If you thought canopy bedrooms design ideas were only for the upscale and spacious apartments that you see in magazines, take heart. Beautiful canopy beds can be easily customized to fit into smaller bedrooms and it can be just as elegant and romantic. If you have a minimalist and contemporary bedroom you can still have a canopy bed, just as you can choose a heavily ornate and large canopy bed for a larger room with more traditional décor. a simple four poster can look extremely dramatic once you do it up with lace curtains. You can choose different canopy styles for different climates as well – whether you want to be ensconced inside a warm cocoon as you sleep, or whether you want billowy and breathable lace curtains is up to you. you can also choose to have carved bed posts and a carved canopy which will make your canopy bed look extremely regal and inviting. For a very modern twist you can also go for just the frame of a canopy bed without the curtains – look up such ideas online and you are sure to find different canopy bedrooms design ideas for your home.

Canopy Bed Plans

Tips for canopy bedrooms design ideas

Canopy bedrooms design ideas should be chosen very carefully because you do not want to make your room look crowded and cramped. Choose beautiful and billowy textured fabric for your canopy – which will look spectacular in modern homes. Self embossed white or cream lace can add a very modern Arabian Nights look to the bed. If you want you can choose sequined and colored chiffon fabric to float lightly around the bed and have silk ribbons to tie them back when you do not need them to be drawn around the four posters. A simple raised metal frame can be a good choice for a canopy in a modern room, and a covered wooden canopy which is engraved heavily is a good idea for a more traditionally decorated home. Though of course, the latter can be a little cumbersome so make sure you have enough space in your room to accommodate it. Stylishly wrought iron or cast iron can be a very good idea for a young ladies room and can look simply romantic.  There are so many ways the interior decorators have tweaked the canopy bedrooms design ideas that there is something for everyone.



18 Photos of the Canopy Bedrooms Design Ideas

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