Ceramic Tile Ideas for Bathrooms

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It is easy to see why ceramic tile ideas for bathrooms are gaining in popularity today- it is because they not only serve a very practical value, but they also ensure that the bathroom looks chic and elegant at the same time. The practice of tiling goes back in history because it was a very practical way in which the bathroom could be made resistant to water damage. Tiles are a great way to protect the bathroom walls from water damage and they look great so that is killing two birds with one stone! Ceramic tiles in particular work very well with most of the bathroom décor and they are not only chic and elegant, they are also easy to clean and install. They are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns so there is bound to be something for everyone. A bathroom is a practical and utilitarian room, yes. However, it has to be realized that a bathroom is a space that can easily become a personal spa for one. You can return home from work and detox by having a long and soothing shower or you could spend an hour in the tub with a good book and a glass of wine. Such pursuits will need the bathroom to look a little elegant and what better way to ensure that than by looking up ceramic tile ideas for bathrooms.

Tips for ceramic tile ideas for bathrooms

Color is very important for ceramic tile ideas for bathrooms. When you have a small bathroom you must choose the colors very carefully because if you choose the wrong colors for a small bathroom, it will look smaller and more cramped. However, if you have a larger bathroom, you can afford to play around with colors and shades. A smaller bathroom will do well with ceramic tiles that are colored in light and pastel shades. Lavender, periwinkle, powder blue, pinks and the usual whites and creams are always a great idea for the bathroom if it is a tiny one. If you have a larger bathroom then you can think about getting bold with colorful tiles. Choose bright red, blue, green, orange or a mixture of your favorite bright colors when you want the bathroom to look beautiful. You can also ensure that one wall of the bathroom is done up in colorful tiles so that you can call it a feature wall. There are plenty of tutorials of bathroom ceramic tile designs to help you get started.

Blue Sea Ceramic Tile Ideas for Bathrooms

Patterns for ceramic tile ideas for bathrooms

Ceramic tile ideas for bathrooms also include using patterned tiles. Large patterns will do well for larger bathrooms while smaller patterns will make small and cramped bathrooms look large and spacious. Subway tiles are another favorite when it comes to ceramic tile patterns. You can also choose patterns which are hand painted, thought these will obviously cost quite a lot. Another choice is to choose tiles which are mosaic patterned as they make the bathroom look quite chic. Ceramic tiles are the best choice for bathrooms because they are the most easiest to maintain. They do not attract mold and fungus like other tiles do and all you have to do is wipe them down with a dry cloth after you have used the shower or the washbasin. Ceramic tiled backsplashes are beautiful to look at and you can choose them in a themed pattern to make the bathroom look more interesting. There are plenty such bathroom ceramic tile design ideas for you to choose from, you only have to do your research before starting to decorate the bath.

14 Photos of the Ceramic Tile Ideas for Bathrooms

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