Color Schemes for Living Rooms

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Color schemes for living rooms should be thought out well so that you are able to match your furniture and you r accessories to it easily – and so that you do not get bored of the color scheme of your room. Ensure that the colors you pick are personally pleasing and appealing and that you do not settle for a color that looks good on the brochures but not in practicality. The best part about this new year is that many new colors have been accepted as being the major players in the field of interior décor. Bright and bold colors which have been hitherto touted as colors that were absolutely not suitable for room décor are now being given enough and more precedence as colors to be reckoned with. The emphasis is now on brightness and making the living room as beautiful and bright as possible is the catchword or the key phrase where the colors of the living room of a home are concerned. make your living room a spectacular space to entertain friends and casually hang out with family – or even have formal meetings with people from the professional sphere by choosing the perfect color schemes for living rooms.

Tips for color schemes for living rooms

Color schemes for living rooms can be very interesting to pick out. For one, you have to make a careful estimate of how large your living room is and depending on that you will have to pick the right color for the living room. Since interior colors are no longer one dimensional, one can think about choosing different colors that contrast very well with each other. For example, red – a very vibrant and bright color is making the waves in the interior design circuit in the new year. There are so many different color combinations that can be thought of when it comes to the color red. For example, should you have a small living room and yet want to make a statement with the color red then all you need to do is paint one wall of the living room bright red and leave the other three a soothing cream or white. This will give the small room a point of focus  – the red wall will take the attention away from the cramped quarters. If you have a larger living room then you have no problem with using bright and beautiful colors for your walls. Look up living room colors ideas  when you want inspiration.

Unique Color Schemes for Living Rooms

Creative color schemes for living rooms

Color schemes for living rooms can get very creative indeed. All you need is a bit of imagination and there is a lot that you can do with your living room walls. Feature walls are a very big deal nowadays and if you have a living room that is painted in a very neutral manner then it would be a good idea to be creative with paint and use different colors on one wall. Stripes are a very popular pattern or design that many feature walls are painted with – choose different hues of the same shade and paint broad ascending stripes on one wall. This can also be done on the ceiling – an ombre effect that will look lovely and creative in the living room. Wall decals and wall art are also interesting ways to make the wall in the living room look interesting. You can match the living room décor to the walls and the upholstery should definitely make the walls look interesting and complement them even. Color combinations for living rooms can be extremely unique and lend an elegant air to the whole space.

12 Photos of the Color Schemes for Living Rooms

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