Color Trends 2014 Home Decor for Interior Designing

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Color trends 2014 home decor are sure to be full of life, vibrant and extremely chic and elegant. They will make the home look extremely warm and inviting and there will be a wonderful vibe of cheer and joy wafting through the house thanks to the bright and warm colors that will be given preference. Color is a fixed trend where home decor is concerned – furniture and furnishing notwithstanding, color in the house and the rooms are very important and especially so for home decor purposes. Color can be invigorating – notice how a house comes alive after the walls are given a fresh coat of paint – and this will be a beautiful addition to the home decor as well. Conventional color trends did not really care for the brighter primary colors and they were used in a very apologetic manner. However in 2014 all that will change and there will be a certain boldness that will seep into the home decor and the colors that are used for it in a largely unapologetic manner. This will be a lovely way to welcome the spring or any other beautiful festival; it will mean a renewal of sorts for the home and the inhabitants. Look up fantastic color trends 2014 home decor to choose the very best for your home.

Inspired color trends 2014 home decor

There are many interesting issues that are inspiring color trends 2014 home decor. One is the heightened awareness of the environment around us and the constant need to preserve it. Therefore earth colors and ocean blues are going to figure largely in the color tones that are used to decorate the walls in a home. The ocean especially is a very big inspiration to the wall colors and the colors used for upholstery and home decor because it is a symbol of vitality and life and therefore soothing blues and greens are a very large part of home decor in 2014. They are also a way to project a calm vibe into a room and therefore are largely popular when it comes to the bedroom and the living room. And while blues and greens are favorite, brighter colors like red, plum and pink are also not going to be disfavored. In fact, plum – a rich and almost black red, is being given a lot of attention this season and will continue to rule the roost when it comes to home decor and color trends for 2014. 2014 home interior trends will be bright, experimental, out of the box and chic and elegant, without sacrificing the sophistication that home decor entails.

Home Colors for 2014

Some popular colors of color trends 2014 home decor

Color trends 2014 home decor are definitely going to be loud and extremely bright and in your face but that will be in a very good way. They will not be any less elegant, mind you. For example, solar yellow is quite a favorite trend now and will continue to be so in the following year of 2014 and is going to be extremely beautiful when combined with other colors and used in the rooms because it will inject it with a cheerful and fun vibe. Vibrant yellows, bright oranges etc. will be used beautifully contrasted with the other surprise shade of the season – gray, in a beautiful and elegant as well as interesting and quirky manner. Plums and violets will lend the room a meditative and calm state, monochrome will also be used in a big way with gray being an interesting accent to it. Floral shades and floral patterns will also be quite the hot home color trend 2014 in the following year. Watch out for color trends 2014 home decor ideas!


9 Photos of the Color Trends 2014 Home Decor for Interior Designing

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