Color Trends 2014 for Home Decor

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Color trends 2014 are going to be extremely bright and vibrant and will be about experimenting with bold colors. This New Year will see all aspects of home and interior décor brighten up with vibrant shades so that not an inch of the house is left looking dull or subtle. Yes of course, well-loved colors such as peach, cream, white etc. will be used but just like how these colors were primary with bright pops of color, there will be a reverse trend in which the primary colors will be bright and the other colors will be rather dull and used only as accents. The emphasis will be on bold and bright. There will be no holding back where splashes of colors are concerned and even those who are a little conservative in their thought process will be brave enough to try using bright primary colors in significant accents on their walls and in their rooms in general. As far as wall paint goes there is a lot of emphasis on wall decals and feature walls. Upholstery will be brighter and with more texture. The ceilings will not be left out when it comes to décor and paint and the window treatments will be more elaborate and exclusive. The floors too will see lashes of paint in the form of tiles and rugs. Yes, color trends 2014 is definitely going to be something to watch out for.

What colors will rule color trends 2014

Color trends 2014 will be ruled by colors such as bright red, dark pink, violet, electric blue, neon shades and combinations of these with other neutral shades. Let’s talk walls first – the feature walls and accent walls concept is going to be even more popular in 2014 given that these allow the incorporation of bright colors into a room without really overwhelming the room. If you are someone who wants brightness in the house but are afraid of how four walls painted in a fire engine red will look, you can always have one wall painted in that color and juxtapose it with neutral cream walls to ensure that the bright red does not overwhelm the room in anyway. Extend the feature wall onto the ceiling for  a better look. You would be surprised by color trends for the new year will see dark colored ceilings as well – going so far as to incorporate shades of grey and black on the ceiling to make the whole room look larger. The 2014 color palette is a very interesting one.

2014 Colors

New ideas for color trends 2014

Color trends 2014 will not only be about bold colors but they will also be about aesthetic combinations of these colors. Color combinations that have never before been tried for rooms will be put to use with dramatic and beautiful effect. For example, take the combination of red and blue or pink and blue – they are very bright shades and will have a bright effect when combined. Fuchsia and teal blue is another arresting combination as is pink and yellow. Orange, red and gray, blue and white, blue and yellow purple and blue or purple and yellow are some interesting and unusual combinations at work which people will incorporate into their home décor – be it as wall paint or upholstery or even window curtains. New color combinations can be used even in the kitchen and the dining space – especially the latter given that only conventional neutral shades were thought to be perfect for the dining room. Paint color trends 2014 will reinvent the way the house looks and will make the beauty of the rooms improve for sure so watch out for color trends 2014!

8 Photos of the Color Trends 2014 for Home Decor

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