Country Bathroom Vanities: A Shopping Guide

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Country bathroom vanities are the best investment that you can make for your home, given that vanities are definitely a practical choice, and the country style will add a lot of value to the décor of your bathroom. What are bathroom vanities you might ask. Well, they are essentially units that are extremely handy because they not only make the entire bathroom organized in one fell swoop, but they also invite a certain rustic and vintage charm into the décor that is unparalleled and extremely appealing. Vanities are beautiful items of bathroom furniture that were a permanent fixture in all homes earlier, but when people started living in smaller spaces, they had to go since traditional designs took up a lot of space – being bulky and made out of wood. They were hardly to be seen in city bathrooms, though country side spaces, which still had a lot of space within their rooms could still enjoy the luxury of a well built and beautiful bathroom vanity. Eventually of course, the bathroom vanity made a comeback and contemporary, albeit smaller homes, found a way to make them fit into their small bathrooms.  Country bathroom vanities are now quite popular in houses and if you do not have one, then it might be a prudent idea to invest in one immediately.

Why one should buy country bathroom vanities

Country bathroom vanities are a very pretty addition to any bathroom and that is primarily the reason why one should consider buying them – they are a far better way of organizing your bathroom, as compared to unsightly shelves. A bathroom vanity, as mentioned earlier, allows one to organize everything inside it, and forms one unit as a whole in the bathroom – so even if you have a small space, there is no reason to look for extra storage space – you have it all in that one unit or structure. Most bathroom vanities come with a cupboard space below the sink, which is itself embedded into a stone counter top and generally come with a mirror as well. Depending on the size of the bathroom and consequently, the size of your vanity, you can invest in one that has two washbasins and the mirror can therefore be larger in size. There are many styles of country vanities that you can choose from as well – Old American, Victorian, French, Shabby chic, Modern and so on and you will have to look for one that suits you the best.  If you look hard enough you are sure to find primitive country bathroom vanities that you can refurbish to suit your needs.

Rustic Country Bathroom Vanities

More tips on country bathroom vanities

When you buy country bathroom vanities keep in mind that ready made ones might not fit into your existing bathroom so before buying one, be sure to measure its dimensions and compare them to your bathroom and where you plan to place the vanity. Vanities can be a little tricky because of the way that they are made, though if you choose a more modern style, you will be able to customize it according to what you need. Vanities are very easy to accessorize as well and they make a very lasting impression on the décor of the bathroom – there is enough space to keep your toiletries in the drawers and you can also make place for your laundry and other essentials in a wicker basket placed underneath it. Modern vanities come with electric sockets as well so you can use modern amenities like hair driers and electric razors without a problem. country style double vanities will look amazing if you have a large enough bathroom so if you do have the space, it is a good idea to consider them.

9 Photos of the Country Bathroom Vanities: A Shopping Guide

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