Couple Room Ideas: 5 Sexy Tips

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If you looking for couple room ideas then the best idea for you would be to go online and have a look at all the various options available for décor and accessories. Gone are the days when decorating a couple’s room meant that it would only involve putting up photographs of the happy couple and that was it. Now, there are so many options available for newly married couples, older couples, and middle aged couples that the varieties are endless and there is a lot that can be done, in the context of home décor. whether you are looking to do up a room for a couple on their honeymoon or as a special gift for a couple who need to revive the spark of love in their lives, the internet and all the tutorials you will find there are absolutely worth your time. A couples room should be decorated in such a manner that it appeals to both their senses. You cannot do up one room in a certain way and expect both the persons involved to like it, especially if you have taken only one person’s likes into consideration. Therefore before the decorating begins, it is important to consider what the couple likes and how to go about it. Since a bedroom is a very personal space, couple room ideas should reflect personal tastes.

Couple room ideas for the newly married

Couple room ideas for the newly married pairs is the easiest to do because you can incorporate a phenomenal amount of clichéd ideas into the décor and it will still be appealing because of the fresh sense of giddy love that all newly-weds are under. Therefore pink and red will be the colors of choice, hearts will dominate over the décor motifs and warm lights and candles will prevail when it comes to a newly wed couple’s room. Of course, one can override these clichés and go for a more understated and tasteful décor that will last longer than the honeymoon phase, saving them the trouble of redecorating when the hearts and the pink get to be a bit too much. However, it would be a wise idea to choose colors that are romantic in nature such as soft peach, lavender, light pink, mauve, maroon and such like. Dark reds on one wall would also be a fabulous idea, as would be bright orange etc. for older couples, it would be a good idea to go more sober and staid, of course. Choosing the right color largely contributes towards beautiful bedrooms for couples.

Bedroom Color Ideas for Couples

Tips for couple room ideas

When you want the love to flow through the room, couple room ideas should heat up the sexy quotient a little bit. Make the room fun and flirty with enough instances of your life and romance together, so that you are constantly reminded of how much fun it is to be in love with the man – or woman – of your dreams. Beautiful color palettes for the walls should be complimented with lovely accessories, a chandelier casting a warm glow through out the room, a beautiful four poster bed with light gossamer lace curtains, a large mirror in front of the bed – and many other such creative ideas to make the room as beautiful and appealing, and a little flirtatious at the same time. Cheap bedroom ideas for couples would be to buy  vintage furniture like a love seat or such like and refurbish it with new paint and upholstery to make it look quaint and extremely appealing. Buy vanities, armoires and other such instances of beautiful furniture to make the room glow with appeal.


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