Crackle Glass Bathroom Accessories for Every Interior Decorating Style

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Have you ever thought of investing in crackle glass bathroom accessories? No? Well then, it is probably time you sat up and took notice of the fact that these accessories add a certain kind of charm to the bathroom which is rather unparalleled. Crackle glass accessories have a kind of fragile charm to them which makes them irresistible. They also come with the philosophy that though something is broken, it does not necessarily mean it does not have beauty and charm of its own. Crackle glass is made deliberately and they look super as accessories for any kind of bathroom, large or small. Bathrooms tend to lose out on décor because they are considered to be rooms for practical intent. Since the rooms are used for a very utilitarian purpose, people did not see it fit to spend too much on décor, which is why, bathrooms were generally left at being well organized and neat. However, with a shift in décor trends and interior décor concepts, bathrooms are now being given as much attention as other rooms and are now being given due attention where décor is concerned. Hence, there are a flush of bathroom accessories that are on offer these days and the more popular among the lot are crackle glass bathroom accessories.

How are crackle glass bathroom accessories made?

Crackle glass bathroom accessories look extremely unique and they are made in an extremely unique manner as well. What happens is that a molten cylinder ( or whatever shape) of glass is carefully lowered into ice cold water. On contact with the water, the outer section of the molten glass breaks or cracks, while the interior section holds together. This is then expertly taken out, and rolled or maneuvered into different shapes. If you thought this is a recent and fancy new phenomena that has been discovered by contemporary artists, you are wrong. Cracked glass accessories like bathroom items, vases and such like have been found to date back to as far as the 15th century and if one can find an antique item, one is sure to be blown away by its beauty.  Crackle glass accessories was predominantly made in 15th century Venice and therefore many antique pieces are rare collectibles. Look online for glass bathroom accessories, or hunt around in vintage stores, antique shops, pawn stores for old and antique pieces that someone might have sold.

Paradigm Crackle Glass Bath Accessories

Different crackle glass bathroom accessories

There are many different crackle glass bathroom accessories that one can make use of in the  home, especially in the bathroom. If you  have enough space and would like to make a statement with your bathroom décor you can actually go whole hog and get a crackle glass bathroom vanity counter. This will look supremely beautiful and you will not need anything else to decorate your bathroom with. If you want to maintain a budget while decorating your home then you can always think about buying small glass accessories like a soap dispenser in crackle glass, or an entire bathroom set comprising of soap dispenser, toothbrush mug, tissue box, lotion dispenser, soap tray and such like. Nowadays many factories make crackle glass accessories in different colors so it should not be too difficult to get hold of something beautiful at a very good price. Blue, teal, emerald green and yellow are some popular choices when it comes to color though you could always stick to white for a pristine and start contrast to a brightly colored bathroom. Lilac bath accessories in crackle glass style are also a very beautiful addition to any bathroom and will be worth the investment.


9 Photos of the Crackle Glass Bathroom Accessories for Every Interior Decorating Style

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