Creative Shoe Storage

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If you are looking for creative shoe storage ideas then you would be able to find many inspiring pictures and tutorials online. Online guides are the best examples of inspirational pictures and you can do a lot by just browsing the internet.  You might think shoe storage is not a very big deal and that you only have to have a neat shelf to store your shoes. While that is true and be that as it may, shoe storage is a very big deal because not only do you have to ensure that the shoes are kept in a manner that keeps them safe and well tended to, but you make your space look beautiful at the same time. The best part about innovative shoe racks is that they make the space look beautiful while serving a practical purpose at the same time and this is what makes the surroundings elegant and worthy. When you are a shoe aficionado, and you want only the best for your shoes, you will not be able to store your shoes in any which way. In fact, you will have to ensure that the storage space that you choose provides the perfect environment for your shoes in a way that they do not gather dust or attract fungus. Creative shoe storage should keep both practical usage and elegant interiors in mind.

Tips for creative shoe storage

Creative shoe storage is all about utilizing the space that you have in your home without going too far out on the limb where budget is concerned. of course you could splurge for fancy storage space if you want to but you can do just as well with building shelves below a window sill or even under a table or the stairs – in such a manner that you are able to ensure storage as well as a pretty nook. When you are looking to build storage space for shoes, ensure that you pick a dry spot – the basement is not a good space to keep expensive shoes which might attract fungus and other insects, especially if it is made of leather or suede. Do not be mundane when it comes to building shelves, be creative with designs and materials and that is the hall mark of creatively storing your shoes in the first place. Choose a shallow cabinet to store your shoes and have a thin lace curtain hanging over it – this way your shoes can breathe and its looks pretty too. Many such homemade shoe storage ideas exist which can be put into good use.

Creative Shoe Storage Regulars

Creative shoe storage can be fun

When you are thinking up ideas for creative shoe storage be sure to pick up different materials and discarded items around the house for this purpose. For example, should you have an ordinary shoe rack and do not like the way it looks, then paint it over with a pleasing shade of paint. Dual tone paint for shoe racks will look lovely – for example, choose a white and pink for it or a red and black – whatever your fancy strikes as being aesthetic. This works especially well if your shoe rack is incorporated into your closet space. If you have a walk in closet then you can choose to have one wall covered in slim wall shelves so that you can place all your shoes in a neat row. You can design a shoe rack in the manner of a rotating Lazy Susan, which ensures that the shoes are all placed in neat cubby holes and oyu can simply give it a spin to get at the right one. there are many such cool shoe storage ideas available online.



19 Photos of the Creative Shoe Storage

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