Curtain Designs 2014 for Modern Homes

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Curtain designs 2014 are all about reinventing the room that you hang them in and given that they are the easiest way to makeover a room, curtains are probably the best idea when you want a change of scenery where home décor is concerned, and you do not want to go into the extra expense. Curtains were once considered to be extremely practical inventions and were not given any more importance that that. They were used for one principal purpose – that of keeping the prying eyes of the neighbors out of the house, and they were also used to ensure that the furniture inside the house was kept in the shade when the hot sun shone through the windows. Now however, curtains have been given a whole new lease, given that they are considered to be integral part of home décor for all homes. If your home does not have proper curtains then there is always something amiss where home décor is concerned. Shabby and torn curtains would look really bad in a home and you should always replace them. Also, make sure to wash your curtains periodically so that you have clean, if not very fancy curtains in your house. Curtain designs 2014 are all about making the home elegant and chic, in a relatively inexpensive manner.

Tips for choosing curtain designs 2014

When you want to choose curtains designs 2014 you should ensure that they are the kind of designs that can go well with your home. What curtains will look amazing on the brochure might not look very nice considering your room size and color. If you have a large room then it would be a good idea to buy light colored designs or patterns, because that will make the room look larger and more spacious. If you have a smaller room then it would be best to avoid large patterned curtains, and darker colored curtains because that might have an effect of shrinking the space and making it look smaller and crowded. Check out the curtain designs on the internet to see what appeals to you. You can go for a variety of designs including valances, tiers, color blocked curtains and so on and so forth. Valances are going to take the home décor concepts by storm in 2014 if the recent trends are to be believed, and they are going to be invented in many different styles yet. If you have the structure then you can also look at bay window curtain designs for your home.

Bay Window Curtain Designs

Different curtain designs 2014

Curtain designs 2014 are all about reinventing the way the curtain looks. Valances in different styles, swag valances to be precise, are the new in thing where curtains are concerned. Choose to have a swag curtains in the room so that the purpose is solved for the curtains and the home décor. choose different dining room curtains, tiered curtains for the kitchen and heavy organza silk curtains for the living room. The bedroom can have beautiful and lace curtains, which are billowy and soft. Heavier drapes made out of thick coton can be also hung side by side so that you can easily move them across when you want the room to be dark. You can also design your curtains by going online and fixing a beautiful design for your home – choose styles and patterns online and buy fabric. Then it is a matter of making your own curtains and hanging them – and there you have your own curtains, in a beautiful manner and design and they are also inexpensive. Curtains and drapes designs are found everywhere if you look online.


9 Photos of the Curtain Designs 2014 for Modern Homes

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