Curtain Designs 2014 What to Expect

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Expect only the best from curtain designs 2014 because the New Year will be about bright and vibrant colors, exotic materials, elaborate designs and an emphasis on the good things in life. Curtains are perhaps the most impressive and easiest way to doll up a room and make it look well dressed and done up. Curtains can be bought and set up and equally easily taken off and replaced. One does not need to go into grand plan s of redecoration – which involves painting walls again and spending money on the paint job, buying new furniture and getting rid of the old. All this is a bit of a hassle. Instead, buy pretty material and string them up near the windows – voila, you have a beautiful room. Curtains can be of many kinds and in 2014 the effort and emphasis will be on colors and patterns as well as designs. There will be a kind of boldness in the décor and curtains will no longer be subtle swaths of fabric that hang across the window panes, hiding the room from the prying eyes of the outsiders. They will be statements of fashion, the talking points in the room and will arrest attention with their enigmatic flair and beautiful patterns. Yes, curtain designs 2014 can be expected to floor the room with their style.

What colors to watch out for in curtain designs 2014

Curtain designs 2014 will be about the brightest of colors and they can be guaranteed to brighten the room in a jiffy. Even if the room is painted in neutrals like cream, beige, white and light yellow, it will be very simple for the home owner to introduce an element of life and joie de vivre into the décor by simply hanging curtains which are brightly colored. Bright pops of blue, pink, fuchsia, red, orange, purple etc. will rule the roost where colors are concerned. There will also be a very important element of design where curtains in 2014 are concerned. Florals will be a very big part of design and there will be a twist incorporated – you will probably see bright purple roses, bright red daisies and so on and so forth splashed across the curtains. This will be important for the room because it will introduce a quirky element into a boring environment. If you are interested in making your own curtains then be sure to check out the colorful fabric that is available in any store which sells material. Free curtain design templates that are available online will make it very easy to create your own patterns and designs

Bedroom Curtain Designs

Design elements of curtain designs 2014

Curtain designs 2014 will be a little more elaborate than usual with valances finding a place of honor in the designs. For example, you can have bright and plain curtains in cotton with elaborate lace valances above them. What are valances? They were essentially swatches of cloth that were created into curtains so that the tops of the curtain rods could be well hidden. This practical invention soon morphed into a fashion statement where window treatments were concerned and therefore valances are now a very important part of curtain design and will continue to be in the following years. Different kinds of valances will be the order of the day where curtains in 2014 are concerned. Also, there will be an emphasis on themed curtains for the home – different rooms will have different themes. Kitchens can have coffee and breakfast themed curtains, dining rooms can have straitlaced ones, living rooms can have elaborate silk ones while soft gossamer ones in florals will do very well for bedrooms. Needless to say, house design 2014 should match the curtain designs so watch out for curtain designs 2014!

8 Photos of the Curtain Designs 2014 What to Expect

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