Curtains 2014 Styles and Designs

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Interesting designs and patterns for curtains 2014 are flooding the market even now and these design trends are surely here to stay. Curtains are no longer an essentially practical item of household use. They are now significant measures of home décor and they can improve the way a room looks dramatically. What is more, they are probably the most inexpensive methods of home décor possible. Think about it, if you would have to repaint a room or buy new furniture, then it would be extremely expensive to an extent. However, if you want to improve the way a room looks then all you would have to do is hang a bright pair of curtains on the window and you are all set. You can invest in a number of different designs and patterns, curtains in different colors and styles and hang them up periodically and alternately to change the way a room looks. Curtains can be found in many materials and styles and there is something for everyone and every budget. If you are handy with DIY projects you can also think about making your own curtains, to add a touch or personalization to your rooms. Curtains 2014 will be fun, vibrant and expressive of joy  – and definitely conversation starters.

What to expect from curtains 2014

Curtains 2014 will be about bright and funky colors, inspired by the world around us and unapologetic of their brightness. Traditional and conventional ideas of curtains will be thrown out of the window – puns all intended – and while the neutral color palette will still be around to offset and contrast the bright colors, the important emphasis will be on brightness and vibrancy. Colors such as fuchsia, teal blue, bright orange and yellow, aquamarine, ocher, teal, baby pink, violet, lavender etc. will be a great hit with curtains and they will surely make the entire room stand out in relief. When you have such bright curtains it will become necessary to make the upholstery of the room a little less bright or in neutral colors so that the colors do not clash. Color blocked curtains – a combination of two or more bright colors  – will be another staple feature of curtains in the new year. Funky combinations of blue and pink, magenta and gold, yellow and violet will ensure that the whole room wakes up and looks majorly appealing. If you want to restrict yourself to a budget then look for cheap curtains at online sales or clearance sales at stores.

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Curtains 2014 and their styles

Styles will differ where curtains 2014 are concerned. The straitlaced styles of the yesteryears will take a permanent back seat while there is a lot of experimentation done with different materials and styles. Valances will be given a lot of importance in the year. The New Year will see different styles like swag valances, pleated valances, tiered valances and so on. Home decor is a fun job really and more so when you are choosing curtains and colors for the rooms. Valances, which were originally devised to cover the aluminum or metal curtain rods, soon became a very popular style statement in elaborate living rooms. Now, they are seen in almost all rooms of the house including the dining room and the kitchen. Swag curtains look beautiful and extremely elegant and can add a quaint touch to any room. Valances can be used in contrast with curtains or they can be left by themselves. Living room curtains with valances are a great choice and will feature prominently in the home decor and trends for curtains 2014 of the New Year.

8 Photos of the Curtains 2014 Styles and Designs

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