Design of Pop Art Furniture

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Look up design of pop art furniture to suit your apartment or home online so that you are able to find a certain quirky style to decorate your home with.  Before we talk about pop art design it is important to know what exactly pop art is. Pop art emerged as an art movement in the later part of the 1950s in the United States. This movement was a challenge to the traditional and conventional notions of art because they took inspiration from everyday themes and made that into examples of art. Pop art is more about attitude and the focus therefore is not on the object of art but what it represents. Pop art tries to emphasize banal or kitschy items of everyday life – one of the most famous examples of pop art being the Marilyn Monroe painting by Andy Warhol. Anything can become a pop art painting – one can paint soup boxes, cars etc. and call it Pop art – and it is characterized by the bright colors and quirky style.  The paintings are also characterized by a comic-esque style which is very different and will add value to the home. Where furniture is concerned, pop art designs will be a very good addition to the home because it will infuse the home with bright color and quirky style. Look up examples of design of pop art furniture and see what will suit your home the best.

Tips on design of pop art furniture

There are many examples of design of pop art furniture available online for you to be inspired. There are plenty of examples of internationally acclaimed pop art that can give you an idea of what to do and how to go about decorating your home with this style. If want to start small then you can always choose to upholster one large chair or sofa with a pop art themed fabric so that you can use that as a focal point in your living room.  Be sure to match the color of the walls with this fabric to get a striking effect. Pop art is all about bright colors so feel free to experiment with different color combinations.  A single piece of furniture done in the pop art style will make a very big difference to the room – so you can opt for one when you are remodeling the look and feel of your room. Apart from vivid and strong colors like neon pink, bright blue, neon yellow and the like, pop art is also partial to comic prints which can be used on furniture. Pop art furniture design is thus a very popular idea for a modern and contemporary home.

Pop Art Furniture Studio

Creative concepts of design of pop art furniture

Design of pop art furniture is very creative and interesting and will look lovely in any modern home which has the space and the vibe to pull off such design.  60s style décor and furniture will complement this form of furniture design very well and you should think about how these two concepts will look together. If you want something very flamboyant then you can go for a bright rainbow theme – and you can paint your chairs and table legs in a different color. Doors and window frames can also be painted in bright shades that are totally out of the purview of usual home décor and this will look fabulous with a pop art style. If you have a traditionally styled home with traditional furniture et al and want to overhaul this look without throwing out everything you possess there is a way to do it – simply upholster the furniture with pop art décor and watch how the contrast works in your favor.



23 Photos of the Design of Pop Art Furniture

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