Dining Room 2014 News

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Decorating dining room 2014 will be a fun job because of the creativity it will inspire. Everything about the New Year will be about vibrant colors, crazy patterns and innovative designs. Dining room 2014 might be rooms which serve a very practical use but it has to be realized that it also needs to be well decorated with scintillating patterns and innovative and creative design ideas. Earlier, conventional notions of dining room décor said that colors like red, bright blue, green, yellow and orange should not be used for the dining room because they apparently hinder the digestive process, however, with new concepts of design, this thought process has changed and given way to the acceptance of bright colors like red and blue without a qualm. In fact, there is a lot that can be done with bright shades and colors and there is a wide range of color combinations, wall paints and decals that are being incorporated into dining room décor which will make the room look bright and spacious. Dining rooms 2014 will be about making the dining space an especially appealing and vibrant one.

Color palettes for dining room 2014

As mentioned before, dining room 2014 will be painted in lush and bright paint, and can easily be done up in the most fabulous of colors possible. Once you have decided on what kind of colors will suit your dining room 2014 best, you can easily incorporate them into your existing paint scheme if you do not want to make the effort and go into the added expense of changing your paint and décor completely. Choose a bright red feature wall for example – to make the entire room look lovely and bright. Or else incorporate these colors into your dining room in other ways. Choose brightly colored upholstery and then make the table cloth match the walls. Or contrast the table linen with the wall colors. For example, should you choose a bright red wall, have cream table linen and burnished wood dining room furniture. Colors for the year 2014 will be about interesting combinations as well. You could choose a beautiful green and contrast it delicately with purple, choose a bright blue and combine it with a light pink – the options will be endless in the New Year for dining room colors if existing trends are to be believed.

Dining Room Chairs

Furniture for dining room 2014

Furniture for dining room 2014 will be about compact structures which make the most of the space available. A modern and contemporary style of furniture and overall home décor will be the chosen style for interiors and this will entail buying furniture that is not only going to be good to look at but also practical and space friendly. Therefore the emphasis will be on low lying furniture which does not take up much space and fits seamlessly together without clunking around. For example, choose a low table in oak or mahogany, which is round or oval, and has low lying stools which fit underneath it when not being used. Burnished and polished wood will never go out of style where dining room furniture is concerned and you can expect beautiful wood furniture to be the signature style of dining room 2014 as well. However, it has to be said that the wrought iron stand and glass top kind of dining table will also be quite popular in the new year as they take up less space and give the room an effect of space even if there is none. Brightly colored table cloths, table runners and other linen, bright and beautiful window lace curtains and other window treatments are other hallmarks of a beautiful décor where dining room colors and dining room 2014 are concerned.

9 Photos of the Dining Room 2014 News

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