Dining Room Color Ideas 2014 for Your Dining Room Update

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The New Year will usher in new thoughts where interior décor is concerned and especially dining room color ideas 2014. The emphasis in the new year will be about out of the box thought processes and design ideas and there will be a lot of experimenting with new colors where interior décor as a whole is concerned. Conventional notions of interior décor stuck to neutral shades because they were easier to take care of and easier to contrast as well. Neutral colors like cream, beige, white and light yellow were specifically chosen for the dining room because they were supposed to add to the dining experience. Bright shades, especially the different shades of red, blue and green and other darker colors such as black or purple were shunned where the dining room was concerned because of the notion that it would be harmful and adversely affect the appetite of the diners. However in 2014, this notion would be overridden by the concept that the beauty of these colors will only add to the dining experience and take nothing away from it. Therefore red, blue, green, purple and even black and gray will be used to do up the dining room and what is more, even colors such as bright blue, orange, yellow and other colors of the rainbow will be incorporated without a fuss in dining room color ideas 2014.

What are the accepted colors in dining room color ideas 2014?

Dining room color ideas 2014 will be exceptionally partial to the brightest of shades of the rainbow – from brilliant blue to bright pink, fuchsia to bright orange and of course, the colors mentioned above – the reds, blues and greens of the color palette. Color combinations in nifty styles will also be much appreciated and the ceiling will also be given attention where the colors are concerned. Go crazy with colors but be a little careful only if your dining room is small in size. In which case, you will have to be very careful with the colors that you choose for it, given that dark colors can make any room look small and dingy and this will not be very pleasing to the senses, especially if it is a dining room. A dining room needs to be beautifully done up so that the dining experience is classy and elegant and fun and vibrant as well. Elegant dining room ideas should be looked up and implemented all over the houses in the New Year so that new feasts and new journeys can be ushered in in style!

Elegant Dining Room Ideas

Color trends and dining room color ideas 2014

The news for dining room color ideas 2014 is that there will be more of feature walls, ceiling designs and wall decals incorporated into the décor.  The walls will not be the only source of décor, there will be colorful and vibrant table linen in a variety of materials to jazz up the living room and the upholstery on dining room chairs will also add to the décor.  The ceiling, a bit of the room that almost often gets left out will now be given a lot of care and attention.  The beauty of the ceiling will be enhanced by the colors used and if the home maker is wary about using too much color then they can use colorful wall decals and wall stencils. Wall art will be a big part of dining room color trends in the New Year as will be colors like black and grey. Monochrome dining rooms will be a popular concept and an arty one as well. They will fit right into contemporary dining room color ideas 2014.

9 Photos of the Dining Room Color Ideas 2014 for Your Dining Room Update

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