What Makes Dining Room Color Trends 2014 Unique?

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Dining room color trends 2014 should be carefully considered before implementing because a number of factors will come into play. Watch out for these trends as the colors will surely be about being bright and happy and will pop with great pomp and fervor. Bright colors will be much appreciated as will interesting combinations and shades.  Feature walls will become and intrinsic part of the décor in dining rooms and the table linen, cutlery and crockery will be given a lot of importance as necessary complements and contrast to the bright walls. Old notions of dining room décor will be thrown out of the window and new and extremely experimental colors will take their place. This is not to say that the dull and boring color palettes will be completely done away with, they will be merely there to make the brighter colors look more attractive. Tradition notions of dining room décor usually dictated that the colors should be very soothing and appealing so that the diners are not affected in any way. Bright colors like red and green and even blue were considered to be extremely unattractive in a dining room and an obstacle where the appetite was concerned. Light colors are fine if you have a small dining room and wish to make it look larger but if you have a larger dining room then you can afford to explore different dining room color trends 2014.

Different dining room color trends 2014

If you have been following interior decor trends you will have noticed that the dining room color trends 2014 mirrors the dining room and indeed all other rooms trend of using bright colors which are bold and in your face. As mentioned before, while blue, green and red were not considered to be suitable for the dining room, these colors were usually given a wide berth when it came to dining room décor. Now the preference has changed in most homes to include these colors and make the room bright. If you are unsure about using these bright colors, want to stick to the safe hues and yet feel like a little bit of experimenting you can easily incorporate bright pops of these colors into your dining room. There is no need to add color on the walls, which is a more permanent form of decor; you can easily invest in colorful crockery and cutlery as well as table linen and window treatments for the dining room. The bright hues of 2013 dining room color trends continue in the New Year.

dining room color trends 2014

Creative dining room color trends 2014

Dining room color trends 2014 are all about making the colors in the dining room bright and happening. Therefore one is sure to see a lot of experimenting with a combination of colors – for example, reds and yellows, orange and purple, blues with pinks and so on. Some home owners may also be open to crazy color combinations such as bright neon green with fuchsia but that would only be the brave hearts. You can go for feature walls in bright stripes, bright wall decals and stenciled art to add color to the room. Choose brightly colored drapes if you want to have a flexible color décor option and also go for quirky patterned valances to add a twist to your dining room décor. Dining room paint trends will also incorporate the use of gray or black – especially where the ceiling is concerned. These colors will actually make the room look larger and when used intelligently will add to the décor substantially. Dining room decor is a personal choice and therefore one should be creative about it. Keep a look out for the dining room color trends 2014 to stay up to date in terms of decorations in the dining room.

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