dining room colors for 2014

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Dining room colors for 2014 should be thought out very well because they entail a kind of renaissance for the décor industry. Dining room paint is very important. It is said that the kind of paint there is in the dining room will ensure whether or not the diners have a good time eating. However, this also dictated that the paint that was used was of a certain variety – the nudes, the creams, beige, white, pastels etc. were the colors of choice. Now, however, the winds of change have swept over the existing color palettes and have blown them into the background. The emphasis on dining room colors is now bright and beautiful – loud colors even. Earlier, conventional dining room color schemes did not allow for the bright colors of red, blue, green etc. to be used in the dining room. They were most often than not, dull shades of white, beige, and cream and so on and so forth. There was a very sound logic attached to this kind of thought of course – this would mean that it would be easier to accessorize the dining room with bright cloth, bright table napkins, linen and so on. It would be easier to refurbish upholstery according to likes and dislikes and whims as well, given that you cannot frequently change the paint on the walls! Dining room colors for 2014 are fabulous and they should be implemented in all homes.

What dining room colors for 2014 to watch out for


New Colors for Dining Rooms

Dining room colors for 2014 involve bright and happy shades and a few unconventional surprises where shades are concerned. First up – the accepted trend will be to have bright colors galore so all the shades of red, green, blue, pink and violet are going to be up for grabs where dining room wall décor is concerned. You can get away with a parrot green wall, the other walls being light shades of white or cream, complementing a beautiful burnished wood dining table and strategically placed yellow lights. If you are hesitant about incorporating bright shades into your dining room décor and yet want to experiment with colors then it would be a great idea to have one feature wall with a combination of the colors that have caught your eye – or any one bright color – and see how it looks. If your dining room is a small one then it is best to have a bright wall and leave the rest of them white and if you are blessed with a large dining room then you can always incorporate good colors for dining room into it.

Inspiration for dining room colors for 2014

Inspiration for dining room colors for 2014 can be easily found online if you can go onto the various websites that cater to home décor you will find numerous pictures which will inspire you and you will also be able to get tutorials which are pictorially very well explained so you can figure out exactly how to go about it. Dining room colors can be even black and white monochrome or gray and black ceiling colors – this will give the dining room a very interesting twist. Other inspirations can be found at stores which specifically cater to home décor – you can get a professional opinion of what colors to use and how to combine them in a decidedly appealing manner. If you do think of getting an interesting paint scheme for your dining room then do ensure you buy the best quality paint from a well-known and reputed brand – you do not want the headache of the paint peeling off and cracking after you have spent so much on it. Check out popular colors for dining room before you start your remodeling because dining room colors for 2014 may just be what you’re looking for!


9 Photos of the dining room colors for 2014

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