Dining Room Colors 2014 for Modern Home Interiors

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When looking up dining room colors 2014 do not be surprised if you see that the emphasis is largely on bright colors which were never considered for dining room purposes earlier. Traditional notions of home décor, especially interior décor and more specifically dining room décor are changing and how. Conventional colors are now considered boring while other colors are considered to be more happening. Therefore reds, blues, greens and pinks – all kinds of bright shades, which were never let into the dining room are now being used with much. Old timers believed that the colors that are mentioned would hamper the appetite of the diners and cause actual physical discomfort during meal times and therefore you would never have dreamed a dining room to be painted in red earlier on. However, now the concepts have changed and incorporating red into the dining room, just as any other room, is an accepted trend. There are many ways to incorporate color into the dining room as well and this is why dining room colors 2014 is a great trend and will be very useful.

What dining room colors 2014 to watch out for

Dining room colors 2014 will be host to a lot of interesting new colors. We all know about the usual shades of red, yellow, pink and orange etc. but in the New Year the emphasis will be on the different and unusual shades of these colors like tangerine, teal, emerald, peach, fuchsia, carmine and so on. These colors can also be used in interesting combinations and therefor it will be a pleasure to be in the dining room. Bright shades of pink can be contrasted with blue, yellows and greens will make an arresting statement, orange and purple is being used rampantly in high end dining room décor and the classic red and white combo is being replaced by red with green or red and blue. You can be as experimental as you want; only, you will have to ensure that the colors you choose will not make your room smaller than it actually is because bright colors can actually make the room seem rather small. Other surprise choices for the New Year where room décor and dining room are black and gray which seem unlikely as dining room paint color but actually work really well.

Dining Room Colors for Walls

Inspiration for dining room colors 2014

If you are looking for inspiration for dining room colors 2014 then it is a good idea to look online. There are plenty of great sites that offer amazing ideas where dining room colors are concerned. You can also probably get inspiration for feature walls and such like from brochures and online sites be careful to trawl through a number of décor options before deciding on what to do with your dining room. As mentioned earlier, it is not only the dining room walls that are the source of color in the dining room; you can easily make use of colorful cutlery etc. to jazz up the way your dining room looks. Make the beige or white shades on the wall pop by using bright table linen, napkins and table runners. Even bright plates will do. The best color dining room will be one that is painted in pleasing shades in an attractive combination that makes the dining experience a more pleasant one. If you are not careful then the colors in a dining room can actually jar a person and affect his or her appetite – for example, a horrifying combination of pink and bright green might not make for a very pleasant environment when the dinner on the table is piping hot so watch out for dining room colors 2014 that will match your style!

9 Photos of the Dining Room Colors 2014 for Modern Home Interiors

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