Dining Room Design 2014 for Your Home Tips on How to Choose

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When considering aspects of dining room design 2014 you must ensure that not a single nook or cranny of the room is left out. That means you need to not only consider the walls and the paint scheme or the furniture, you need to consider the lights that you will put in, the cutlery and crockery that you choose and the window treatments as well. There are so many beautiful design inspirations available online that it is very easy to look up dining room designs and be inspired by them and implement them in our own homes. The dining room should always be done up in the best way possible because that makes the dining experience all the more enjoyable. The dining room has undergone a revolutionary change where dining room décor is concerned simply because now interior décor trends always dictate that the effort and emphasis be on bright and loud décor. Since the dining room was considered to be a sacred space it was decided earlier that the décor would be muted and subtle, that there would be no loud colors like red, blue and green so that there was no fear of the diners appetites being marred by the loudness of these colors. However, with new dining room design 2014 trends it is obvious that the emphasis will be on brightly colored dining rooms which make a statement without looking garish.

Colors for dining room design 2014

When considering dining room design 2014 it is important to ensure that there are a few trends that are kept in mind where the color palette is concerned. In fact, the paint on the walls of the dining room is probably the most important aspect of dining room concepts and décor trends in the New Year given that the colors that are now in vogue are beautiful and bright, instead of safe and staid. Dining rooms are not being painted in delightful combinations of colors and the New Year in 2014 will see this trend continue with great fervor. Colors such as bright shades of red, pink, orange and blue will be combined in a delightful manner with other colors such as violet etc. and even the pastel and white and cream shades that were so popular earlier. Contemporary dining room design even incorporates the use of beautiful grey and black and monochrome design which makes the dining room stand out in its unique avatar. This can be further accentuated by the use of bright crockery in colors such as orange or pink.

Small Dining Room Designs

Innovative patterns for dining room design 2014

Dining room design 2014 will be about creativity and experimentation. Much of the conventional patterns and traditional concepts of design will be changed and the advent of more minimalist and contemporary décor will raise its head. Not only the dining room, all the other rooms of the house are set to undergo a sea change where the décor is concerned. Everything right from color palettes to window treatments, wall decals, stencils and wall art, wall paper, lighting, furniture etc. will change. The furniture in the dining room for example will become smaller and more compact, and more minimalist in design so that there is enough space and the dining room space is optimized very well.  To make the best use of space you can also combine the kitchen and dining room together so that there is optimum use of the space available. This is very easy these days given the number of online tutorials and inspiration that is available in the form of tutorials etc. so look up kitchen and dining room designs to get the best ideas for dining room design 2014.

9 Photos of the Dining Room Design 2014 for Your Home Tips on How to Choose

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