Dining Room Ideas 2014 That You Should See

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Dining room ideas 2014 are extremely fun, vibrant, sassy and experimental. The whole trend of interior décor in the new year is all about making the rooms liven up with the paint, the furniture, lights and general décor. The conventional and staid notions of home décor, especially dining room décor are relegated to the back ground and new and more out of the box ideas are taking over now. 2014 will be a trend setter as far as the interior decor trends is concerned. Dining room décor was always staid and rather on the boring side. This is because it was traditionally believed that the dining room must always be done up in very subtle décor because anything else would hamper the appetite. Loud colors, especially those that were bright and considered to have a darkening effect on the rooms were all but banned from the accepted color palette for the dining room. These colors included red, blue, green and other “dark” colors and their shades. The logic was that because these colors would immediately make the diners feel queasy and mar their appetites.  It was easier to accessorize the dining room as well, if the colors were not bright or loud. However, all those notions have changed and all kinds of loud colors are now being very aesthetically incorporated into the dining room. Dining room ideas 2014 are here to take the world of interior décor by storm!

Colors for dining room ideas 2014

The colors that dining room ideas 2014 incorporate are bright and sassy, as mentioned before. Colors that were hitherto thought to be extremely inappropriate for the dining room, such as red, blue and green are being incorporated into the décor with élan. Shades of purple, gray and black, dark green, orange and any other color that one can think of are being used to do up dining room and they are working very well for dining room décor, contrary to the notion that dark colors make the room dark and dingy. Of course, if your dining room is small then whatever colors are chosen have to be chosen carefully to ensure the space doesn’t look cramped – but these colors can be incorporated into the décor even if the dining room is small – one just has to know how. For this purpose, there are many online sites which will be a source of great inspiration to any home maker, home owner or interior decorator. If you are worried about the walls closing in on the room and yet want to incorporate some color into it, then choose to have a feature wall in the dining room – paint one of the four walls in any arresting shade of your choice and leave the other three walls neutral. A feature wall is quite a popular fixture in contemporary dining room ideas.

Formal Dining Room Ideas

Dining room ideas 2014 are practical

Dining room ideas 2014 are very practical in nature. Color scheme and palette aside, the dining room is kitted out in the most space saving furniture and there is absolutely no room for anything that is large or bulky and which does not make the most use of the space that is in the room. Check out photos for inspiration on how to do up your dining room in a minimalist and contemporary fashion without making it look too clinical or pristine. You can easily have wooden furniture customized as per interior design ideas dining room, and you can choose what kind of furniture you would want, in that case. Low lying furniture and that which fits seamlessly into each other is a great idea for a contemporary dining room. Watch out for more dining room ideas 2014!

8 Photos of the Dining Room Ideas 2014 That You Should See

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