Dining Room Paint Colors 2014 What’s Popular?

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The thing with dining room paint colors 2014 is that if you are a person who likes to follow strict convention and have a very traditional bent of mind, then these colors will not appeal to you. For example, in 2014, the emphasis might be placed on monochrome paint colors for the dining room wall. Or, trends might dictate that you paint your walls in bright shades of blue and accessorize with yellow window treatments, yellow crockery and cutlery and so on. These are definitely in absolute contrast to traditional notions of dining room colors which used to favor more subtle hues of beige, luscious cream, pristine white, light and pale shades of pastel yellows, pinks or blues – if the home owners were a little adventurous. However, if you do not mind breaking out of the mould and experimenting with new looks where home décor and more specifically dining room décor is concerned – then the new colors that 2014 will flaunt where home décor is concerned are for you. There are plenty of photos etc. online that will help you get an idea of how to best use the paint colors that are available and you can learn to mix and match and combine different shades of dining room paint colors 2014 to get the best effect.

Dining room paint colors 2014 – what to watch out for

Dining room paint colors 2014, as mentioned earlier – are all about making the dining room look like a lively and happy place so that mealtimes are more fun and the dining experience becomes all the more enjoyable. Bright and vibrant primary shades will take center stage where colors are concerned – red, blue, green, yellow are going to take over the color chart. The different and wide variety of shades that are available are now going to make an appearance in the dining room as well, though it is wise to proceed with a degree of caution. Interior decorators and home owners are spoilt for choice when it comes to shades given that there is a huge range available. Choose from mint green, tangerine orange, electric blue, apple red, sunflower yellow, to misty mauve, baby pink, teal blue, rum red and so on and so forth. All you need to do is ensure that your dining room can accommodate these colors – and if your dining room is small then you can still use these colors, you just have to be a little careful with the combinations or the use. Look up small dining room paint color options or tutorials for a good idea.

Behr Dining Room Paint Colors

Creative dining room paint colors 2014

Dining room paint colors 2014 can get very creative and interesting, if you know how to work with them. The trend of ceiling colors and wall decals have come into vogue now and are extremely interesting as an addition to home décor. Brightly painted dining room ceilings might be just the thing to offset an otherwise neutral décor in the dining room. This way you do not have to spend too much on renovation either – you simply need to choose an arresting color and paint the ceiling with it in its entirety or in small parts in designs etc.  Dining room paint color schemes will vary from person to person and dining room to dining room depending on a lot of factors and the best dining room paint color will be one that will make the entire room look alive and bright, whether it is a conventional shade such as cream, or whether it is something radically different such as purple. Window treatments and walls as well as crockery are great ways to incorporate in dining room colors 2014.



9 Photos of the Dining Room Paint Colors 2014 What’s Popular?

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