Dining Room Trends 2014 That You Should Anticipate

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Dining room trends 2014 are all about making the dining room into a fabulous space that is extremely vibrant and conducive to a good meal. The dining experience, even if it is at home, need to be made into something joyful and extremely appealing. Therefore home décor trends should involve bright and beautiful colors all over the house and in any way possible. The emphasis is on bold colors so do not be afraid to use shades which are extremely in your face, never mind if they do not conform to the accepted norms of home design. Metallic shades, mirror accents, bright colors, valances – all kinds of interesting interior décor trends have raised their heads in the recent past and will continue to rock the interior décor scene for many years to come, starting with 2014. Other than the new trend of using colors that are bright and extremely arresting, home décor and dining décor trends will concentrate on artwork that is funky and extremely abstract. Minimalist décor using bright shades of color to amp the look is going to be another favorite trend. Dining room trends 2014 are basically an all new sense of interior décor and not for those who are conventionally bent!

Dining room trends 2014 to follow

Metal seems to have taken over the world of interior décor and in dining room trends 2014 there will be a lot of metal incorporated into the décor. Metallic colors, for one, will be a favorite trend to follow and these colors will be included in all senses of dining room décor, ranging from the crockery used on the table, to the paint on the walls, to the tiling of the backsplash in the kitchen etc. There are many beautiful metallic shades that can be used on the dining room walls. For example, you can easily use a metallic blue as a feature wall shade and accessorize this with pristine white curtains, white lace table cloth and table runners and copper cutlery and crockery which will make the dining room look spectacular. The burnished copper shades will look lovely with the blue metallic shade on the walls, which you can offset with cream on the other walls. You can also choose blue printed curtains or valances and give the room a very cool and soothing look. Dining room colors 2013 did not include the use of metallic colors as much as the trends in 2014 will – these colors and the combinations they will be featured in are here to stay.

Dining Room Colors 2013

Popular dining room trends 2014

Dining room trends 2014 are going to be more emphatic about the use of the space that is available in the dining room. There will be a focus on using furniture that is more minimalist in structure so that whatever space there is in the dining room is optimized. Cramped spaces are never conducive to a good meal and therefore the objective of dining room trends in the New Year will be to make the dining room, no matter how large or small, look spacious. Lights will be focused on the dining table, the New Year will see a return of the hanging pendant lamps which spread a warm glow over the dining table, hovering above it in a respectful distance. Window treatments and valances will also be a very big deal where the dining room trends are concerned because they will also add to the value and prettiness of the room. Valances have featured as a major part of formal dining room trends 2013 and will continue to do so in the following years so you’ll still see them in dining room trends 2014.

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