Dyson Air Blade

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The Dyson air blade systems are highly specialized hand dryers. These dryers were first introduced in the United Kingdom and soon were launched in the United States as well. The specialty of the Dyson airblades is that they pump out a lot of hot air while conserving power. This is a very important feature as in today’s day and age everyone always tries to use energy efficient products to save money as well as to save the environment. So if you are looking for some cool hand dryer options, you can surely check out the designs from Dyson.

The advantages of a Dyson air blade

There are many advantages of a Dyson airblade hand dryer. Some of them are:

Dyson Air Blade Image
  • Very powerful – First and foremost, these hand dryers from Dyson are extremely powerful and so they work very well. You do not have to wait for a long time for your hands to get dry. The strong, hot air that is blown out of the blades is enough to dry your hands in a jiffy. This is perhaps the greatest advantage of this product.
  • Energy efficient – Like mentioned above, the Dyson hand dryers consume very little power. This is mainly because they function for a short span of time every time you put it on. This means that unlike other hand dryers that continue to blow hot air till your hands are underneath, the Dyson dryers only blow the air for a fixed duration. This therefore helps in saving a lot of electricity and money.
  • Very stylish to look at – A Dyson air blade is a very attractive product and looks beautiful and smart. As a result, when you place it in your bathroom, the place instantly gets a brand new look and you end up with not only a useful product but a great decor accessory as well.

Buying a Dyson air blade

If you are looking to buy a Dyson air blade, there are a few options that you could explore. They are:

  1. Buying online – You can buy these hand dryers from many online stores. Dyson has its own website and it is always a good idea to buy the blades directly from there. There also are other websites that sell these products and if you look closely you may end up finding some very attractive offers and discounts.
  2. Buying from a home improvement store – Most of the leading home improvement stores sell the air blades from Dyson. So if you like physically examining the products before buying them, then it would be a good idea for you to visit a home improvement store and see the design that are put up in display.
  3. Getting a used dryer – At times, hotels and other establishments sell off their old dryers and replace them with new ones. Some of the used dryers however are in very good conditions and if you look closely you will surely find some great deals. So log on to eBay or any other website and see if there are any offers.

So now that you know more about the fabulous Dyson air blade designs and how they work, you can go right ahead and get one home today. These hand dryers are revolutionary products that not only serve your drying purposes, they also save power and look good. So what are you waiting for? You know exactly where you can make your purchase from. So do a little research and find out more about these awesome hand dryers and once you are sure about the model number, get the perfect Dyson air blade home.

12 Photos of the Dyson Air Blade

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