Finish Basement Cost: How to Estimate

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Before you start out remodeling your basement it would be a wise idea to actively decide on the finish basement cost before you go ahead with anything because it would be very difficult to stick to a budget otherwise. The basement is a very good space that unfortunately often goes undervalued and under utilized because it is used as a clichéd spot to store things. Basements are quite a boon in that regard. Think about it – where else would all the items in your home that do not have any value other than the sentimental variety go? Over the years we tend to accumulate a lot of items that people gift us or we buy on a whim because the circumstances are such and then we do not use it. More often than not it finds its way into the basement to rot forever. However, the basement can actually be used for many things, and the best part is you can turn it into a room which will improve the overall value of the house and you can make use of the space available. Popular ways to turn the basement into a room include a play room, an extra bedroom, a game room or a man cave with a bar, a television room or home theater or even a spare bathroom. However, before you do anything it would be wise to set a finish basement cost so that you do not go overboard.

Tips to keep finish basement cost in check

Your finish basement cost will depend on what exactly you want to do with your basement. And even before that, you will have to ensure that the basement repair work, if any, is taken into consideration. First, let us talk about the repair work. All basements will need repair work and a major transformation where ventilation and wiring is concerned if you want to turn it into a room for daily or frequent use. A basement is a place which will need repair because of water problems in the sense that it will most certainly face water table issues. If the water table in the foundation of your house is too high, your basement might suffer water leaks and damp spots. You will have to fix that first if you need to turn the basement into a room. Next, your basement needs more ventilation than one window if the space is going to be used as a room. You will also need to check wiring and plumbing to ensure all is in place. Once the repair work is done, the additional costs can be controlled somewhat to finish basement.

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What to calculate finish basement cost

Finish basement cost will depend on how much you want to spend post the repair work has been done. If you want the room to be a home room or a personal theater, then you will need the room to be fortified against sound. Many people turn the room into a special place for band practice and such rooms will need special acoustic or Styrofoam panels on the ceiling as well as on the walls, the finishing of which will definitely cost a pretty penny. It might be a good idea to consult a finish basement cost calculator or simply sit down with a pen and paper and first decide how much money you have and are willing to spend on basement remodel and repair. If you want to turn a basement into a room you might have to go into additional costs etc. but if you want to make it into a game room then all you would need to do is fix any leaks and cracks and clean it up well so it won’t cost much.

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